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Color Pencil Techniques

Color Pencil Technique - Color Swirl
Color Pencil Technique - Color Swirl

Swirl color...Make tiny circular overlapping strokes to build up and blend color.


Color Pencil Technique

Make Lines, Dashes and Dots...Make lines, dashes and dots to build up color, allowing your eyes to do the mixing. This was an approach used by the Impressionist painters.


TIP!   Burnish the color by placing a sheet of scrap paper over your drawing and  rubbing the length of the pencil over it.  This will push the color into the paper and allow you to add even more color.


Mixed Media Techniques

Mixed Media Technique - Gesso
Mixed Medio Technique - Gesso 2

Stamping with Gesso...Stamp on the dry surface of a backing board that is coated with gesso. Let the stamped image dry completely, then color over it with ART GRIP® Aquarelle  pencils and paint with water. Gesso a backing board and while the gesso is still wet, stamp into it. When the gesso has dried, color over it with the pencils and paint with water. The stamp design will be slightly textured.

TIP!   For your first attempt, consider working small using one of the ATC (Artist Trading Cards) backing boards. This is an easy way to experiment and create miniature works of art. ATC: “Artist Trading Cards” are a great way to share your creative expression with other artists. The custom is to trade them; they are never sold, just exchanged or given away.

Pastel Techniques

Pastel Technique - Sanded 2
Pastel Technique - Sanded

Sanded and Smooth Paper...The fine grained sanded paper has “tooth” and holds the powdery pigment, creating a denser, richer color.  There are many varieties of sanded paper  available in art stores and catalogs. They come in different colors and types of boards.