Triosharpener Grip 2001 assorted colors (#280175)

Cheerful colors are provided by the Grip trio sharpening boxes which attract just as much attention when adding a hint of color to kids' satchels as on the desks of adults. The Grip sharpening boxes are as versatile as they are practical: Three different openings for graphite, color and jumbo pencils provide an ideally sharpened point for drawing, painting or writing. No matter how the pencil is used, the lead is perfectly protected from breakage. There is plenty of time for creative work and writing before the spacious double casing for shavings has to be emptied.
  • One sharpener fits all your sharpening needs
  • 3 sharpening stations inside: jumbo, regular and colored pencils
  • Each section has a shavings storage compartments
  • Updated colors!