Holiday Gift Guide: A gift guide for every artist and crafter on your list. Shopping for Christmas gifts, Hanukkah presents, and other holiday goodies is easy with a gift guide as creative as the loved ones you are shopping for.
Holiday Gift Guide for Artists: Finding gifts for artists in your life can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know where to start. Lucky for you, all you need to know can be found here in our holiday gift guide.
Holiday Gift Guide for Writers: Our holiday gift guide for writers offers a selection of pens and pencils with unique designs, created with an attention to high-quality detail in every step.
Holiday Gift Guide for Crafters: Kick-start their creativity with these gifts for crafters! Our gift sets are a great start for beginners and our large selection of materials make the creative possibilities endless.
Art Gifts for Kids: Gifts for kids to artistically inspire. In this gift guide, choose from a selection of unique art activities and gift sets that encourage young artists to get creative while learning at the same time.

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Featured Collection

Faber-Castell | Tree seedlings

Did You Know?

Faber-Castell grows about 20 cubic meters of wood every hour, which corresponds to around 1 truck load

Faber-Castell | Only uses wood from sustainably managed forests

Did You Know?

For its own pencil production, Faber-Castell only uses wood from sustainably-managed forests

Faber-Castell | Assembly line of wood-cased pencils

Did You Know?

Faber-Castell produces over 2.3 billion wood-cased pencils every year

Faber-Castell | Pencils have a hexagonal shape to stop them from rolling off tables

Did You Know?

The profile of wood-cased pencils was changed from round to hexagonal/triangle because they were constantly rolling off the table

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