Christmas Ornament Holiday Hand Lettering Tutorial

Christmas hand lettering with Pitt Artist Pens

Hi everyone, Mou Saha here with a Christmas ornament hand lettering tutorial using Pitt Artist Pens. I have made a complete materials list for you.


Grip Writing EcoPencil with Eraser (HB) - #117200

Kneadable Art Eraser - Grey - #127220

Pitt Artist Pen® Extra Superfine - #199 Black - #567099

Pitt Artist Pen® Brush - #167 Permanent Green Olive - #167467

Pitt Artist Pen® Brush - #264 Dark Phthalo Green - #167478

Pitt Artist Pen® Brush - #268 Green Gold - #167468

Pitt Artist Pen® Brush - #129 Pink Madder Lake - #167429

Pitt Artist Pen® Brush - #219 Deep Scarlet Red - #167419

Pitt Artist Pen® Calligraphy - #127 Pink Carmine - #167527

Pitt Artist Pen® Brush - #112 Leaf Green - #167412

Mixed Media Paper

Sketch with a graphite pencil

With the Grip Graphite Pencil, make a light sketch of a holiday ornament big enough to house a favorite holiday quote. Lightly pencil in the quote as well.

Sketch of a Christmas ornament with a Pitt Artist Pen

Trace the pencil outlines with Pitt Artist Pen Black Extra Superfine tip.

Holiday hand lettering and Pitt Artist Pens

Using the Pitt Pens in various colors and tips listed above, hand-letter the quote. Use the kneadable eraser to erase all pencil lines.

Christmas hand lettering

Color in the details with the same Pitt pens to finish.

I hope you enjoyed today’s hand lettering tutorial with Pitt Artist Pens. Happy Holidays to all who celebrate the season!

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