Classifying Counterfeit: 5 Tips for Safe Shopping for Kids

Classifying Counterfeit: 5 Safe Shopping Tips for Kids


The temperature is dropping, the leaves are falling, and we are officially in the holiday shopping season.  Along with the holidays approaching, December is Safe Toys and Gifts Month. In the spirit of safe toys and gift-giving, it’s important to educate ourselves on safe shopping. The rising freedom of third-party retailers on large e-commerce sites makes room for unsafe counterfeit toys to be sold, brought into your homes, and given to your children. It can be easy to be enticed by the countless selection of deceiving discounted counterfeit products available, but if it seems “too good to be true,” it probably is.

Boy and Girl crafting Christmas sweater ornaments

We at Faber-Castell USA have an extensive procedure to ensure the safety of our Faber-Castell and Creativity for Kids branded products, but the same cannot be said for counterfeit products. Follow these 5 tips for safe shopping for kids to learn how to classify counterfeit and keep your children safe.  

1. Only purchase from a trusted brand or retailer

Purchasing products directly from a trusted brand or from their authorized retailers guarantees that the product is legitimate and was properly safety tested. It is also important to check where the product ships from. If it is shipping from an unknown warehouse versus a retailer there is a chance it is less reliable.  

2. Inspect the appearance of the images and descriptions provided with the product

Frauds can frequently be spotted by the listing’s general appearance. Check images for inauthentic photos and inaccurate packaging. Many times, the images will be completely inaccurate, distorted, or outdated. If a product is counterfeit, there is a great chance that the description of the product sounds unnatural with misspelled words.

Creativity for Kids Rock Painting Kit Counterfeit Rock Painting

Creativity for Kids Hide & Seek
Rock Painting Kit

Counterfeit JarMelo dmazing
Rock Painting Kit for Kids


3. Look out for warranty details

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Any legitimate product should come with warranty information or a "satisfaction guaranteed" quality promise. Purchasing products with a warranty/guarantee gives an indication that the brand is dedicated to earning your trust. This is also a good indicator that the product is supported and that your satisfaction is important. 

4. Authorized sellers list

Most companies have a list of authorized sellers on sites such as Amazon, as well as a store locator that will show you where their products are sold. You can find ours here.

5. After purchase, inspect the package

The first thing to do is to inspect the sealing. Be sure that the package is properly sealed and not tampered with. Next, compare your package with the brand's packaging, logos, or any other details provided online. Warning Chocking Hazard LabelLook out for discoloration misspellings or incorrect or missing logos, standard safety symbols and anecdotes that traditionally belong on the packages.


We at Faber-Castell USA are determined to provide best in class products and services. Click here to view our official quality promise/guarantee along with further information regarding our dedication to the safety and quality of our products. Third-party sellers are not a direct reflection of Faber-Castell USA and if you wish to purchase authentic Faber-Castell products that are backed by the manufacturer, please take caution and review the Faber-Castell USA Authorized Seller Listing.

Finding the right craft or toy for children should be fun and exciting but being wary with who you trust to provide that product is necessary. When in doubt, contact the company of your desired product to ensure a safe purchase. Keep your children safe this holiday season by following these tips for safe shopping!






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