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Art Eraser Guide with dust-free eraser

An Artists' Guide to Choosing the Right Eraser

As a company that prides ourselves in providing the best quality art supplies for every artist, our variety of similar but distinctive products can often be confused. An artist with a passion for charcoal work should not be using the same eraser as an artist who works primarily with ink. That is why Faber-Castell provides erasers for every realm of art, including: the Eraser 7086-30, Eraser Sleeve, Perfection 7058 Eraser Pencil, Perfection 7056 Eraser Pencil, Kneadable Art Eraser, Dust-Free Art Eraser, and the Dust-Free Vinyl Art Eraser.
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Coy fish draw on paper with Albrecht Durer watercolor pencil

The Best Paper to Use for Art

Understanding the best paper to use for art is crucial to the quality and success of your work. The paper you choose affects how your medium of choice will perform. Watercolors and color pencils both have a specific paper designated to enhance and protect the qualities of that medium.
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