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Bullet Journal doodles love is in the air

Bullet Journal Doodles: Love is in the Air

Bullet Journal doodles just in time for Valentine's Day! It's officially February! As I browse my feed... and every store imaginable, I see Valentine's Day and hearts all around! So it's time to ease into the season with some "lovely" doodles!
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Bullet Journal Succulent & Cactus Doodles

Bullet Journal Doodles: Succulent & Cactus

Bullet Journal doodles gone green! I do NOT have a green thumb in real life... so I like to pretend that I do by creating succulent and cactus doodles! These are some of my absolute favorite things to draw. Today, Faber-Castell USA and I are showing you how to build your own for your journals. These are easy to create if you break it apart into steps.
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Winter Hibernation Bullet Journal Doodle

Bullet Journal Doodles: Winter Hibernation

This post might make it sound like I dislike Winter, but I actually love it! I also love the idea of staying cozy and warm inside while the weather gets a little bit wild. Why is human hibernation not a thing yet? ... I digress. In honor of this fictional practice, I'm sharing 7 doodle tutorials with you!
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Winter Wonderland Doodles

Bullet Journal Doodles: Winter Wonderland

So, it's Winter for most of us out there, and that means snow, ice, and temperatures that drop to levels we don't approve of! It's nice to take a look around once in a while and appreciate the beauty winter can bring. Here, I've given you 6 easy tutorials to turn your journals into a Winter Wonderland!
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Bullet Journaling Jolly Extras

Bullet Journal Doodles: Jolly Holiday Extras

Sadly, Christmas has come and gone, BUT I'm still in the spirit! Today's doodle tutorials are super simple and super FUN!
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Ornament Doodles and How to Decorate Them

Bullet Journal Doodles: Christmas Ornaments

You can tell so much about a person by looking at their ornament collection. Some are eclectic and different from one another... some are a series of similar ornaments that all come together to achieve a certain aesthetic... some are handmade... some are vintage... the list goes on and on! No matter what your style is... one thing remains the same. Ornaments are a staple of our holiday traditions and are truly special treasures.
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Bullet Journaling Christmas Treats Doodle

Bullet Journaling Doodles: Christmas Treats

Treat yourself to some Christmas treat Bullet Journaling doodles! I can't get enough of my Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens, and love using them to doodle everywhere! Today's tutorial includes 7 different treat doodles to try in your own journals, planners, Holiday cards, or gift tags!
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Bullet Journal Candy Cane Alphabet

Bullet Journal Holiday Candy Cane Alphabet

I love playing around with lettering, especially for the holidays! Today, Faber-Castell USA and I are showing you how to make a candy cane alphabet to use in your journals, planners, gift tags, or even Christmas Cards!
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Deck the Halls Doodles

Bullet Journaling Doodles: Deck the Halls!

Let's talk Christmas doodles! These 6 doodles are some of the classic decorations for your home (and your journals!) this season. My favorite part of Christmas doodles is the fact that so much can be done with them once you have mastered the simple steps.
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Extras to be Thankful for Bullet Journal Doodle

Bullet Journaling Doodles: Thanksgiving Extras!

Thanksgiving Bullet Journaling doodles are the perfect way to give thanks this holiday! Faber-Castell USA and I love creating doodles that can be used for your holiday. Here we have 6 different doodles to try, each with only 4 steps!
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Thanksgiving Doodle: Let's Eat!

Bullet Journal Doodles: Let's Eat!

It's almost time to... EAT! What better way to prepare for the feasts ahead than with these 7 fun doodle tutorials? They can be simplified or detailed, whichever works for your personal style!
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Let's Cook Bullet Journal Doodles

Bullet Journal Doodles: Let's Cook!

These Bullet Journal cooking doodles have me dreaming of Thanksgiving and all of the delicious food! Before you can eat, you need to cook! Here, I've shown you 6 different cooking doodles to get yourself in the spirit of the season. 
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November Nature Doodle

Bullet Journal Doodles: November Nature

There is more to draw for Thanksgiving, than turkeys! All month long we see the final stages of the fall slipping into the winter, and the beautiful autumn colors are everywhere in nature. Here are 5 nature doodle tutorials to add to your journals this month!
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Bullet Journal Doodles: Halloween Scary Extras

Bullet Journal Doodles: Scary Halloween Extras

There are endless doodle possibilities when it comes to holidays, so we have put together 5 new doodles to try just in time for Halloween! These scary extras make the perfect addition to your planners, journals, sketchbooks, or crafts! Recreate these doodles in just 4 easy steps.
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How to Add Detail & Depth with Doodles

Bullet Journal Doodles: Adding Detail and Depth

Today, we're going to talk about adding detail and depth to your doodles! My favorite tools to use for this task, are my trusty Brush Pitt Artist Pens®! The colors are vibrant and have almost a painterly quality when layered.
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Recipe Doodles with Spoon and Herbs

Recipe Doodles with Faber-Castell Mixed Media

Hi everyone, Mou Saha here with a doodled recipe page using Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Markers, Pitt Artist Pen and Polychromos Color Pencils. Around fall, we have some neighborhood potlucks and my favorite dish to cook is a simple chicken curry.  So I created a recipe card to celebrate my cooking and coming together with friends!  
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Spooky Creature Doodle with Bat, Moon, and Spider

Bullet Journal Doodles: Spooky Halloween Creatures

October is right around the corner, so it's time to doodle some spooky creatures! Using these 4 simple steps, create 5 doodles to add some Halloween flair to your journals! I love the holidays and find it so fun to decorate my journal for the remainder of the year.

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Date Doodles on a Bullet Journal

How to Draw: Bullet Journal Date Headers

Hi there! Today, Faber-Castell USA and I are having fun with date headers! I use these every single week of the year, so it's important for me to have this reference page of ideas.
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Basket of Apples Doodle

Bullet Journal Doodles: Fall Fun

One of my favorite things about Fall is the FUN! Fun can mean different things for different people... but for me, it's cozy socks and a good book. For others, it could mean festivals and apple picking... while other people dedicate their Fall Sunday's to football!
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Oh my Gourd Watercolor Pumpkin Doodles

Oh My Gourd...Fall Pumpkin Doodles

OH MY GOURD! I love Fall! Also, did you know it is almost National Doodle Day? I always like to add a bit of loose watercolor to my doodles! I used the watercolor connector set as well as a Medium tip Pitt Artist Pen.
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