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Graphite fawn sketch drawing

Fawn Sketch Drawing Tutorial with Graphite

In this sketch drawing tutorial, we create a drawing of a fawn using Faber Castell’s Creative Studio Graphite Sketch Pencil Set along with a variety of drawing accessories. This pencil set includes pencils 2H,HB,B,2B,4B,6B, a dust-free vinyl eraser and a sharpener.
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Sketch of Dr. King with Pitt Artist Pens and a Graphite Pencil

Celebrating Dr. King with Pitt Artist Pens

Celebrate and remember the impact of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with artist Mou Saha's sketching tutorial using graphite pencils and Pitt Artist Pens. Celebrate Dr. King and what he stood for and his name still stands for today.
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Microscope sketch with Pitt Artist Pen and Graphite Pencil

Daily Sketching Tutorial with Pitt Artist Pens

A simple daily sketching tutorial using Pitt Artist Pens with artist Mou Saha. When it comes to a daily practice, I like to keep it super simple and minimalistic – one pencil, eraser and my favorite black pen – the Pitt Artist Pen with an extra superfine tip and permanent rich black India ink.
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The difference between Castell 9000 and Pitt Graphite Matte

Comparing Graphite Pencils: Castell 9000 vs. Pitt Graphite Matte

What is the difference between Pitt Graphite Matte and Castell 9000? Both pencils hold equal value but possess qualities that make them individually special. Learn about those different qualities, here.
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Pitt Graphite Matte Tips and Tricks

Graphite Pencils Tips and Techniques with Pitt Graphite Matte

Our brand-new Pitt Graphite Matte Pencils bring a new dynamic dimension in the way you use your graphite pencils. To date, we have provided traditional graphite tip and technique guides. However, using Pitt Graphite can add a different effect to standard graphite tips and techniques. Artists all over the world have been searching for a graphite pencil that brings reduced reflection on paper for maximum tonal value density and incredible depth effect. In this article, you will learn how to draw and sketch with the new Pitt Graphite Matte pencils.
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Pitt Matte Graphite Pencils with a sketch

Graphite Pencils Without the Glare – Pitt Graphite Matte

Graphite is a standard artistic media with versatile creative capabilities unlike any other material. While Faber-Castell is proud to provide a selection of graphite options for artists of all skill levels, we are always looking to improve the creative experience of artists everywhere. Our newest graphite addition Pitt Graphite Matte Pencils provide the same highest-quality standards as their standard graphite predecessors without the graphite induced glare.
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Grip graphite sketch with Grip pencils

Get to Know Grip Graphite Pencils

Even in today’s digital age, it is important to find the perfect graphite pencil for all your writing and creating needs. The Grip 2001 Graphite Pencil collection provides just that; they are designed to be your everyday writing companion. As a part of the General Writing brand Grip pencils complement the modern office or study with an attention to detail and functionality with every pencil.
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Pitt Graphite and Castell 9000 Graphite Pencils

What is the Difference Between Faber-Castell Castell 9000 and Pitt Graphite Pencils?

Faber-Castell graphite pencils provide an unmatched graphite experience for artists with attention to high-quality included in every detail of their making. The popular Castell 9000 and Pitt Graphite collections are professional grade graphite pencils both with qualities that make them similar yet individually irreplaceable.
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Panda sketch with Goldfaber Graphite Pencils

Drawing for Kids! - A How to Draw and Sketch Graphite Guide

Every great artist develops their skill and passion somewhere. We create premium art supplies specifically made to artistically inspire kids and encourage their creativity. Graphite sketching is not just for adults. We have easy and fun tips and techniques to help your young budding artist learn how to draw and feel confident in their work.
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Graphite Aquarelle pencil and watercolor sketch

Create Watercolor Graphite with Graphite Aquarelle Pencils

Graphite and watercolor artists alike can enjoy creating deep shades of graphite and vibrant watercolor artwork with the high-quality products that Faber-Castell provides. Marry your favorite graphite and watercolor qualities into one artistic medium and you meet Graphite Aquarelle Pencils. Graphite Aquarelle Pencils add a whole new dimension to our classic graphite pencils as a watercolor graphite medium. These pencils are water-soluble, allowing artists to create and combine graphite tones and watercolor techniques.
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Pitt Graphite pencil and crayon

Pitt Graphite Pencils

The vast selection of Faber-Castell graphite pencils and tools gives artists the ability to bring their art to life with high-quality material. The Pitt Graphite range provides all creatives with an extensive range of pencils and crayons in different grades of hardness ideal for sketching, graphite design, and shading work. Pitt Graphite is available in Pitt Graphite Pure Pencils and Pitt Graphite Crayons.
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Graphite tips and techniques

Graphite Pencil Tips and Techniques

Basic graphite pencil techniques to get you started!  These fundamental tips and techniques will help you get started creating and understand all that you can achieve with your graphite pencil.
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Graphite Degrees of Hardness

Graphite Pencil Degrees of Hardness Explained

Your graphite pencil lead guide. Our high-quality graphite pencils consist of a mixture of graphite and clay and are currently available in 16 degrees of hardness. The degree of graphite hardness is determined by the mix ratio of the graphite and clay, the greater the graphite the softer the lead and the more clay the harder the lead. There is a graphite pencil for every artist!
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Bird house sketch

Signs of Spring Sketching Tutorial

A sketching tutorial with Goldfaber Color Pencils! Hi everyone, Mou Saha here with a tutorial for a sketchbook entry creating observational drawing using Pitt Artist Pens and Goldfaber Color Pencils. I have made a complete materials list for you.
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The Difference Between Castell 9000 and Goldfaber Graphite Pencils

Graphite Pencils: Comparing Castell 9000 and Goldfaber

Consistently priding ourselves on being your artistic companion for life, Faber-Castell offers products for artists and creators at all stages of life. Amidst the creation and celebration of our wide variety of quality products at Faber-Castell, our core competence stems back to our graphite pencils.
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Landscape artwork

Landscape Sketching Art Tutorial

Landscape sketching with Goldfaber Color Pencils! Hi everyone, Mou Saha here with another color sketching tutorial using Goldfaber Color Pencils.
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Watercolor bird

Goldfinch Watercolor Nature Tutorial

Hi everyone, Mou Saha here with a goldfinch tutorial using Connector Paints and Pitt Artist Pens®. I have made a complete materials list for you!
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Thread sketch with thread

Daily Life Sketches with Goldfaber Aqua Watercolors and Color Pencils

Sketch daily life objects around you with our Goldfaber collection! Hi everyone, Mou Saha here with a daily sketch tutorial using Goldfaber Aqua Watercolor pencils and Goldfaber Color pencils.
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Love Out Loud - Hand Lettering & Watercolor Tutorial

Love Out Loud - Hand Lettering & Watercolor Tutorial

Hand Lettering Watercolor Tutorial featuring Albrecht Dürer Magnus Watercolor Pencils. Learn in 4 easy steps how to create gorgeous hand lettering and watercolor artwork. Perfect for beginner watercolor artists and for beginner lettering.
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Moth sketch with Golfaber Color Pencils

Moth Sketching Tutorial

A sketching tutorial to capture the details! In this lesson plan, we combine the unique qualities of two types of pencils: Goldfaber Color Pencils offer the artist a large degree of control and ability to capture fine detail. Goldfaber Graphite Pencils offer contrast, texture, and a pleasing aesthetic.
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