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Candle Holder and Metallic Markers

DIY Christmas Decorations with Metallic Markers

Creating DIY Christmas Decorations makes preparing for the holiday season even more exciting. Use Metallic Markers to follow along with this holiday-themed tutorial decorating a glass candle holder.

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DIY Christmas Ornaments

Create DIY Christmas Ornaments with Metallic Markers

Create unique and personalized Christmas ornaments with Faber-Castell Metallic Markers. Decorate light, dark, or colorful smooth surfaces, such as plastic, foil, porcelain, glass and metal, with a premium metallic effect.
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Halloween table decorations

DIY Halloween Table Decorations

Halloween crafts are the best way to get in the spooky spirit. With this tutorial you can stylishly serve your Halloween party guests mouse tears and Dracula's blood with personally decorated gourds and pumpkins. Happy Halloween!
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Mom Mother's Day Gift Wrapping

DIY Mother's Day Gift Wrapping

Wrap your Mother's Day gift in personalized wrapping paper! This craft is quick, easy to do, and is sure to impress Mom.
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Mothers Day Breakfast Jar

DIY Breakfast Jar Mother's Day Gift

A Mother's Day gift to personalize Mom's breakfast!
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Happy New Year Card with Metallic Markers

Creative Ideas for Your New Year's Eve at Home

Celebrate the New Year in Style! We've provided you with creative ideas on how to make the most of the last evening of the year. With our templates you can conjure up your own cards, wonder bags and small gifts that will make for atmospheric decorations and are guaranteed to please your guests. Just try it out!
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Bullet Journal doodles love is in the air

Bullet Journal Doodles: Love is in the Air

Bullet Journal doodles just in time for Valentine's Day! It's officially February! As I browse my feed... and every store imaginable, I see Valentine's Day and hearts all around! So it's time to ease into the season with some "lovely" doodles!
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Watercolor Christmas Tree with Pitt Artist Pens, Metallic Markers, and Watercolor Markers

Watercolor Christmas Tree Card

Today we are making watercolor Christmas tree cards. I don’t always make my own Christmas cards (because that would be a ton of work haha) but I do enjoy making a few for family and friends! The Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Markers help to make a beautiful blend of colors.
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Metallic Markers and Champagne Flutes and Hand Lettering

Champagne Flutes with Metallic Markers

Who’s ready for the new year? Get ready to cheers with these super cute champagne flutes made with Faber-Castell’s new Metallic Markers! Here I’m using "heart of gold” and “nothing else metals."
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Deck the Halls Doodles

Bullet Journaling Doodles: Deck the Halls!

Let's talk Christmas doodles! These 6 doodles are some of the classic decorations for your home (and your journals!) this season. My favorite part of Christmas doodles is the fact that so much can be done with them once you have mastered the simple steps.
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Hand Lettered Christmas Invitation with Metallic Markers and Pitt Artist Pens

Hand Lettered Christmas Envelopes

DIY hand lettered Christmas envelopes are the perfect way to add your personal touch of holiday spirit to your Christmas cards.‘Tis the season!
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Thanksgiving Doodle: Let's Eat!

Bullet Journal Doodles: Let's Eat!

It's almost time to... EAT! What better way to prepare for the feasts ahead than with these 7 fun doodle tutorials? They can be simplified or detailed, whichever works for your personal style!
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