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The difference between Castell 9000 and Pitt Graphite Matte

Comparing Graphite Pencils: Castell 9000 vs. Pitt Graphite Matte

What is the difference between Pitt Graphite Matte and Castell 9000? Both pencils hold equal value but possess qualities that make them individually special. Learn about those different qualities, here.
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Pitt Graphite Matte Tips and Tricks

Graphite Pencils Tips and Techniques with Pitt Graphite Matte

Our brand-new Pitt Graphite Matte Pencils bring a new dynamic dimension in the way you use your graphite pencils. To date, we have provided traditional graphite tip and technique guides. However, using Pitt Graphite can add a different effect to standard graphite tips and techniques. Artists all over the world have been searching for a graphite pencil that brings reduced reflection on paper for maximum tonal value density and incredible depth effect. In this article, you will learn how to draw and sketch with the new Pitt Graphite Matte pencils.
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Pitt Matte Graphite Pencils with a sketch

Graphite Pencils Without the Glare – Pitt Graphite Matte

Graphite is a standard artistic media with versatile creative capabilities unlike any other material. While Faber-Castell is proud to provide a selection of graphite options for artists of all skill levels, we are always looking to improve the creative experience of artists everywhere. Our newest graphite addition Pitt Graphite Matte Pencils provide the same highest-quality standards as their standard graphite predecessors without the graphite induced glare.
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