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DIY Back to School Bookmarks

DIY Back to School Bookmarks

Hey everyone! Getting in the back to school spirit? Here is a fun DIY activity that can be used as a bookmark or even name labels for school supplies! I used the Faber-Castell Mixed Media Kit!
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Pinecone with Pitt Artist Pen

Sketchbook on the go with Goldfaber Aqua Watercolor Pencil Roll

Hi everyone, Mou here! How do you stay creative during summer break? This question particularly applies to all who get extra busy during summer as the kids stay home. I am one of you, so staying creative during summer can sometimes be a slight challenge. I try to be creative daily and sometimes that means I am sketching on the go, making use of small pockets of time. I find that creating on the go is easier with the appropriate tools and here are some of my favorites:
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Watercolor Castle

The History of Albrecht Dürer

As a German company with a global expansion standing over 200 years, history is ingrained in the physical and metaphorical structure of Faber-Castell. Established in the aftermath of the Renaissance period, our past, present, and future are strongly influenced by cultural and artistic movements of the 18th century. No matter the era, our products hold a standard of the highest quality, influencing why our professional-grade watercolor products are named after Albrecht Dürer; artist and Renaissance pioneer.
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Watercolor Clothing Line Painting

Celebrate World Watercolor Month

What comes to mind when thinking about the month of July? Of course, we have the summer essentials; fireworks, barbeques, and warm weather. For those with an artistic side, July is officially declared World Watercolor Month thanks to founder Charlie O’Shields. Creator of the watercolor blog “Doodlewash,” O’Shields founded World Watercolor Month to unite artists in celebrating watercolors while sharing their artwork, as well as raising awareness of the need of children’s art supplies and art education.
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Albrecht Durer and Goldfaber Aqua Watercolor Pencils

Watercolor Pencil Comparison: Albrecht Dürer vs. Goldfaber Aqua

Faber-Castell offers Albrecht Durer Artists’ watercolor pencils and Goldfaber Aqua watercolor pencils. Both watercolor lines are created to capture your creative visions but have a few differences in their design and delivery. Regardless if you create your art on a hobby or professional level, watercolor pencils are an excellent tool to express your artwork in a unique way and bring your colors to life!
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