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Deep Blue Sea - Watercolor Art Lesson for Kids

Posted on November 06 2020

Watercolor seahorse

A watercolor art lesson for at-home learning!

Imagine, create, experiment and discover. Art is where children learn to express ideas and feelings, solve problems, and develop self confidence and self discipline. You can nurture and develop an interest and passion for creative thinking in your own children right from your own home. All you need are some basic art supplies, time, and a kitchen table. Presented here, are simple and fun literature and art projects offering a rich and creative experience for your child, and are very simple for you to guide. Enjoy!


Faber-Castell Do Art Fizzy Paint Mix & Make Colors

Faber-Castell Watercolor paper

Flat paint




Google eye

Vinyl tablecloth or newspaper

The book, “Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea” by Jan Peck


Imagination, mortar & pestle, resist, collage, coral, reeds

Make an example of the art:

Besides creating an example to inspire your child, taking the 30 minutes to follow the simple steps and make the art yourself, allows you to experience the art processes and any potential pitfalls. It will enable you to guide your child through the project with confidence and experience easing any complications or stress, thus creating a successful experience for both of you.

Set up:

Prepare your kitchen table for an art project! An old re-usable vinyl table cloth works best for protecting the surface and providing a water-proof background. It can later be wiped clean, or left dirty (with dried paint), and folded up. Old newspaper will also do, although it can slip around, and paint or water can soak through. Set out the watercolor paper and Fizzy Paint materials and fill the spritzer with water.

Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea book cover


Establish a comfortable place for reading, and read aloud, “Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea,” to your child. Share the illustrations, and discuss Freddy’s exciting underwater adventure via his imagination.

White crayon drawing

1. Make a crayon resist drawing

Show your child how to use the white crayon and draw all over the paper with simple lines, zig zags, swirls, dots or even scribbles. Explain that wherever they draw, it will protect the paper from the paint, and will later appear as white when it is painted over with color. This art process is called crayon resist.

Fizzy Paint tools

2. Making your paint

Explain that Fizzy paints are the little colored tablets included in the kit. When water is added, they will begin to bubble and fizz! The purple tablet turns red, the orange tablet turns yellow, and the blue will stay blue.

Creating Colors

Fill the little plastic containers about half way with clean water. Add Fizzy Paint tablets to the containers and watch them fizz! For more colors, refer to the color mixing guide included in the kit.

Mortar & Pestle

Show your child how to use the mortar and pestle to crush and grind the fizzy paint tablets into powder. Mix colors like green by crushing a blue and orange tablet together.

Fizzy paint tools and painted paper

Fizzy Paint tools and painted paper

3. Paint!

To begin, show your child how to use the water spritzer to wet their paper and then add the Fizzy paint tablets or the crushed color to the surface. Watch the colors fizz and spread over the paper; see the white crayon drawing magically appear! The crayon is resisting the paint. Show how to use a brush to spread the paint all around. Be prepared to spend time here encouraging your child to experiment and play—this is the fun part!

Fizzy Paint tools and watercolor paint

4. Underwater background

On a second piece of watercolor paper, show your child how to make their underwater background in the same way as they did their colorful painting, only this time using just blue and green. When finished, set the papers aside to dry. This is a good time to take a 30 minute break.

Seahorse tracing with pencil

5. Drawing your animal

When the painted paper is dry, show your child how to flip it over and draw their favorite sea creature from the story: a hermit crab, starfish, turtle, octopus, dolphin, swordfish, whale, shark or treasure chest. Help kids keep the drawing to a simple shape. Demonstrate how to draw their animal large enough to fill most of their paper. Have your child cut out their animal and turn it over.

Watercolor seahorse

6. Assemble the collage

Show your child how to position their animal on their underwater background and glue it down. Use bits of leftover painted paper to cut out a few details like colorful coral and reeds. Finally, show your child how to add a google eye, or they could draw one with a black marker.

Click here to download the entire art lesson!

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