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Grip 2011 Gift Set - Silver - #201662


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The Grip 2011 Fountain Pen features a unique triangular design and comfortable grip zone which creates an exceptionally soft and light writing experience. It can easily be used by both left and right-handers. The pen has a sturdy spring-loaded metal clip and a robust stainless-steel, medium nib. The Grip 2011 Ballpoint Pen has a push-button mechanism and includes a blue ink cartridge. Both pens are packaged along with a fountain pen converter and a bottle of ink inside a metal gift tin. Gift set includes: • Grip 2011 fountain pen with nib-size M (medium) • Grip 2011 ballpoint pen • Color: silver • Fountain pen converter • 30-ml ink glass, royal blue

Contents Include: Grip 2011 fountain pen, Grip 2011 ballpoint pen, fountain pen converter, and bottle of ink in gift tin.