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Coloring for Relaxation Gift Box - #155066

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This deluxe 61 piece set is sure to provide all coloring enthusiasts hours of relaxation. Coloring can be therapeutic, relaxing, calming and focus driven. For many it is almost meditative, which can reduce anxiety as it is a stress reduction activity.

The 60 felt tip markers are not only durable, the colors are bright which can greatly affect the physiology of the brain. Color is known to influence arousal, pulse and blood flow. The product is designed to include a ventilated safety cap to prevent choking, if small children happen to swallow it. The ink is non-toxic and is made from food-grade dyes. Ink can be washed out of most fabrics and the tips are re-hydratable. Dip the nib into water to rejuvenate the marker colors if dried out.

The coloring book included, features 50 fanciful motifs that are not only beautiful to look at, the designs provide mindful art therapy which can decrease symptoms of physical and emotional distress. The pages are not only suitable for ink drawing, they are perfect for color pencil drawing as well. Faber-Castell offers a variety of affordable, high-quality color pencils that are buttery smooth and break resistant.

Contents Include: 60 felt tip markers, coloring book