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Do Art Paint with Marbles - #14552


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Twisting, turning, spinning marbles race across your page to create abstract works of art. Coat the marbles in paint, drop them into the no-mess, reusable painting tray and then use a stencil to create fun shapes! Tuck everything neatly inside the book style package for storage.

Ages: 5 and above

Contents Include: 20 Sheets of Paper, 5 Foam Display Sheets and Sticky Tabs, 2 texture Brushes, 1 Paint Brush, 10 Colorful, Shatterproof Marbles, 2 Plastic Spoons, 3 Reusable Stencils, 5 Tubes of Washable Paint: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Purple


Warning: Choking Hazard - Toy Contains Marbles. Not for children under 3