Celebrate the holiday season and spread happiness throughout your community – one painted rock at a time! This open-ended rock painting kit is a wonderful way for kids to engage in a festive activity that promotes exploration, community building, artistic expression and kindness.

Designed for beginners, everything you need to make 10 holiday painted rocks is included. Non-toxic and kid-friendly, the craft kit features 8 weather-resistant paints and over 30 easy-to-apply holiday transfer designs.

Kids can work independently for hours, painting and detailing their rock art. This engaging activity is also ideal for small groups. Host a holiday party! Invite friends and family to join in on the rock painting fun!

Share your creativity with rock painters and finders everywhere! Part of the excitement of Hide & Seek Holiday Rocks is sharing with others. Once painted designs are complete, place the clear tracking stickers on the bottom of your rocks. That way you and the rock finder can post pictures on our Facebook and Instagram sites with the #creativityforkids hashtag.

Hide & Seek! Explore and have fun as you find the perfect spot to hide your holiday-themed rocks for others to find. Keep your eyes open, as you just may find cool rocks of your own to collect.

Ages: 6+

Contents Include: 30+ Holiday themed transfers, 10 River rocks, 8 Weather-resistant paints, 2 Paintbrushes, 4 Bonus golden transfers and Instructions