Pitt Artist Pen® Comic Coloring Set - Wallet of 6 - #267196

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The Famazings is a new Pitt Artist Pen® Comic Series - developed with professional comic illustrators. The 6 colorful Pitt Artist Pens® in the Comic Coloring Set are just as expressive as the interplay of mother Abbey's (superhero name Zinergy) powers when she reads minds. Pigmented India ink pens are waterproof, permanent, odorless, lightfast, acid-free and pH neutral. Durable brush nibs allow for broad to narrow brush strokes with even color application. Ideal for coloring comic illustrations.

Contents Include: 6 Pens: Brush #118 Scarlet Red, #127 Pink Carmine, #32 Beige Red, #157 Dark Indigo, #162 Light Phthalo Green and #247 indanthrene Blue in a wallet