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Snowflake Surprise Bath Fizzies - #6198000


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Our favorite Bath Fizzies are now available in a limited-edition snowflake holiday theme. Perfect for gift giving and holiday crafting fun! Our easy-to-mix and easy-to-mold formula includes everything you need to create 6 shimmering, softly scented snowflake bath fizzies. Place in water to reveal the hidden snowflake sponge surprise! Complete set includes: fizzy formula, baking soda, winterberry fragrance, 2 snowflake molds (6 snowflakes total), mister bottle, measuring cup, stirrer, dropper and magic grow snowflake capsules to hide inside. BONUS snowflake gift wrap and tags too!

Ages: 7+

Contents Include: 2 Molds, tags and gift wrap, baking soda, fizzy formula, mister, shimmer, fragrance oil, measuring cup, stirrer, dropper and instructions


Warning: Sensitive skin warning: If you experience any redness or skin irritation discontinue use.