Easter basket ideas for every artist of any age on the Easter Bunny’s route. This Easter gift guide has the perfect arts and crafts for Easter baskets for kids and adults alike. - Shop Now
Limited Edition: The exclusive wooden case is made from a material mix of wood, stainless steel and acrylic glass. Each case, of which there are only 1,761, is equipped with almost 400 creative products | Read More
Markers featuring a fully water-soluble ink that provides a smooth color lay-down when used wet or dry. They allow artists of all skill levels to create precise watercolor artwork.

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Featured Collection

Faber-Castell | Tree seedlings

Did You Know?

Faber-Castell grows about 20 cubic meters of wood every hour, which corresponds to around 1 truck load

Faber-Castell | Only uses wood from sustainably managed forests

Did You Know?

For its own pencil production, Faber-Castell only uses wood from sustainably-managed forests

Faber-Castell | Assembly line of wood-cased pencils

Did You Know?

Faber-Castell produces over 2.3 billion wood-cased pencils every year

Faber-Castell | Pencils have a hexagonal shape to stop them from rolling off tables

Did You Know?

The profile of wood-cased pencils was changed from round to hexagonal/triangle because they were constantly rolling off the table

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