Pitt Artist Pen Dual Markers

Pitt Artist Pen Dual Markers

Anytime and Anywhere

Ink has always been very popular with artists. It's versatility allows ink to be combined with many painting techniques, such as watercolor. Where conventional tools may involve a certain amount of effort, the Pitt Artist Pen offers the finest artists's ink in a practical drawing pen - and has been one of the most successful products in the Faber-Castell artsits' range for almost two decades. It also allows you to create spontaneously anytime and anywhere. 

Artist Ink drawing with a Pitt Artist Pen Dual Marker

Artist Ink on the Go

This new artist's ink marker enables creative professionals even more flexibility than before to turn ideas into reality. The Pitt Artist Pen Dual Marker is the name of the double-ender that has two different tips. The soft and flexible thick brush tip is suitable for fine to thick lines as well as larger areas, depending on the variation in tip guidance. The metal-cased fiber tip (0.8 mm) is designed for precise drawing and outlining. The highly pigmented water-based ink is lightfast and does not bleed through paper - ideal for creative work in sketchbooks, for example. 

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