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Overhead view of a forrest

Climate-Neutral Company 

Since March 2014, the CO2 footprint of the Faber-Castell Group is certified on an annual basis by TÜV Rheinland® based on the international standard ISO 14064.

As a global company represented in over 120 countries, Faber-Castell believes we have a global responsibility to maintain a business with a large focus on sustainability and social and environmental causes. Founded over 250 years ago, our company has grown alongside the discoveries about our planet, and the human struggle to keep it safe and healthy. Through implementing certifications and establishing management systems, we ensure that the quality and sustainability standards are maintained at a global level. We at Faber-Castell are determined to be the best of class in all products and services; this includes the way we treat the planet we live on and those we share it with.

Forestry Project in Brazil

Utilizing up to 150,000 tons of wood every year, Faber-Castell is the world’s largest single producer of wood-cased pencils. With an increase in product demand and our global responsibility in mind, we developed a forestry project almost three decades ago. What once was approximately 24,000 acres of wasteland in Prata, Brazil is now home to millions of Pinus caribaea trees that collectively grow about 20 cubic meters of wood every hour. Growing our own wood supply program guarantees a sustainable supply for our future as well as protects the diversity of ecosystems and genetic diversity. 

Certified Sustainable Forestry (FSC)

Faber-Castell’s strides towards sustainability reached levels of recognition and validity starting in 1999 when The Forest Stewardship Council® awarded our forests the ecolabel FSC®-FM (Forest Management) for environmentally-friendly, socially responsible and economically sustainable forest management. In 2008 Faber-Castell joined the WWF Global Forest & Trade Network with a mission to progress forward in our commitment to sustainability. Just two short years later, more than 95% of the wood used by the entire Faber-Castell company is FSC certified; the remaining comes from alternatively certified and sustainable forest management.

Positive Carbon Footprint

A significant focus of Faber-Castell’s global responsibility focuses on the fight against climate change. We fulfill this responsibility by monitoring and focusing on the total carbon dioxide emissions that we as a company produce; our carbon footprint.

With our forestry project active in Brazil for almost three decades, a scientific study carried out by TÜV Rheinland® in 2012 confirmed that the Faber-Castell forests in Prata are helping to reduce greenhouse gases with over 900,000 t CO2 equivalents; meaning our untouched pine trees bind significantly more C02 than our company emits on a global level.

Along with our forestry projects, we also led the fight against CO2 in Stein Germany as pioneers in hydroelectricity and in the use of eco-friendly varnishes.

Faber-Castell’s history is more than our products, it is how we live out our brand in the world we live in. We cherish the past 250 years and strive for a better future.