Goldfaber Sketch Marker with a sketch

Goldfaber Sketch Markers

Goldfaber Sketch Markers. Easy to use and versatile, accompanying every creative project at the desk or on the go - many good reasons why these creative markers are so popular with hobby and experienced artists. With the new Goldfaber Sketch Marker range, artists from the fields of design, fashion, architecture, comic, and manga can enjoy the creative benefits of two tools in one. 

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A sketch marker with a drawing

Design, fashion, architecture, comic and manga Creative tools with a lot to offer:

Goldfaber Sketch Markers are equipped with two different tips that complement each other perfectly: The metal-encased fineliner tip can be used to create detailed drawings, accents, and fine lines. The soft flexible brush tip is suitable for designing areas of any size, with varying line widths controlled by angles and drawing pressures. 

59 luminous shades

Developed with professional artists, this sketch marker is available in 59 luminous shades. A color range that covers the entire spectrum of applications! Repeated application of the colors results in a particularly high opacity.

The Goldfaber Sketch Markers are available in basic sets; there are also eight theme sets with specific color families for a wide range of applications such as fashion, design, kawaii, or graphic novel.

A fashion sketch with Goldfaber Sketch Markers

Quick drying ink

Another plus: while conventional felt-tip pens often tend to streak, the colors of the Goldfaber Sketch Markers flow into each other when working quickly thanks to their alcohol-based ink.

The markers' alcohol-based ink dries very quickly - a great advantage for anyone who relies on the ink not smudging when creating quick sketches and illustrations.

A nature sketch with Goldfaber Sketch Markers

More sustainable

With the Goldfaber Sketch Marker, Faber-Castell is taking another step towards an even more sustainable range of materials. The cap and barrel of this creative marker is made of 100% recycled plastic and is packaged in recycled cardboard.