Sensory Play

One of the most effective ways in which children learn is through arts and crafts. Whether it be forming figures out of clay, assembling shapes or blocks, or rummaging their hands through a craft bin of sparkling sequins, children are experiencing far more than a fun-filled day of crafting. They are participating in what is called sensory play. 

What is Sensory Play?

Sensory pack

Sensory play is when a child engages with crafts that involve one or more of the five senses. Integrating sight, taste, touch, smell, and hearing in their crafting and play routines causes children to process an understanding of those senses and their effect on their lives. Experiencing the senses through a creative outlet helps children begin to develop and understand concepts such as memory, problem-solving, and decision making. This specific development is known as cognitive development. Cognitive development and creative confidence flourish with sensory play!

Sensory Squish & Fidget Bags

Engage your little one's senses with Sensory Squish and Super Squish Fidget Bags! These tactile collections provide colorful scenes and fun themed mix-ins to squish, sort, and explore. Enjoy hours of calming, mess-free sensory play while developing fine motor skills.

Sensory Packs

A mess-free sensory experience ideal for toddlers but enjoyable for everyone! Sensory Packs engage the senses and help build fine motor skills as children explore the textures, colors, and shapes in each themed pack. This sensory play activity features two colors of super-soft, lightweight, stretchy cloud clay, offering endless squishing, stretching, stamping, and molding fun. Cloud clay is perfect for little hands, remaining pliable and never drying out.

Sensory Bins

Pretend, create, imagine and explore with hands-on Sensory Bins. Sensory Bins are full of fascinating materials that foster imaginative play, develop fine motor skills and promote sensory development. Great activity for independent and parent lead play!

All sensory materials included are safety tested and kid-friendly. The Sensory Bins come in a storage container that keeps all materials organized and clean.

Learn more about Sensory Bins, here!

Pom Pom Pictures

Use colorful pom poms to create designs with ease! This sensory craft encourages independent, quiet time and helps develop fine motor skills, teaches colors and sizes, and promotes sensory development.

Sticky Wall Art

Sticky Wall Art is a sensory activity that promotes independent, quiet time play in toddlers and preschoolers while building creative confidence! Use a variety of colors, textures and craft materials to create a vibrant piece of art for toddlers.

This sensory activity develops fine motor skills, promotes sensory development, and teaches colors and textures!

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Benefits of Sensory Play

Dinosaur sensory bin

Cognitive Development

Sensory play goes far beyond what a child experiences at the time of interaction. It supports cognitive and language development as well as fine and gross motor skills. With that brain development comes the ability to problem solve and complete tasks. Sensory engagement helps children retain information and memories that are connected to that sense. Although we may not realize it, we use our senses to interpret and process information.

Dinosaur Pom Pom Picture

Builds Creative Confidence

Encouraging creativity may be the core motive behind involving children in craft activities, but the effect of the arts runs much deeper. Arts and crafts play a large role in children’s sensory development. The role arts and crafts hold with sensory development and its impact on a child’s overall development is a unique one.Artistic activities open the brain’s reward pathways, meaning, anytime a child creates art or makes a craft, they are regulating thoughts, feelings, and actions through awakening that part of their brains.

Balloon Sticky Wall Art

Stimulating & Soothing

Beyond technical standpoints, sensory play is stimulating to children and increases creativity. It teaches children sensory attributes such as texture, sound, flavor, appearance, or aroma, and allows children to process problem-solving skills and social interaction. For many children, participating in sensory play can also be calming as the sensory engagement can organize neural pathways that help a child focus or calm themselves.