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Kids are bubbling over with ideas and eagerness. Encourage your children to spend their leisure time in a creative and meaningful way and you will enable them to enthusiastically play and learn at the same time. For this purpose, we offer your child a range of suitable products, increasing his or her enthusiasm and curiosity by including suggestions for play with our products and product sets.

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Lesson Plans

Celebrate International Dot Day

An elementary school art lesson plan for K-4th grade. This lesson plans is perfect for celebrating International Dot Day. Art teachers and educators can teach students creativity, courage & collaboration with Kandinsky inspired artwork.

How to Draw A Self-Portrait

In this self-portrait art lesson, students celebrate diversity and self expression by creating an art collage inspired by the book The Skin You Live In, by Michael Tyler.


Scarecrow is an enchanting and beautifully illustrated picture book about the beauty of leading a simple life and being appreciative and content. In this lesson plan, students explore use of texture by putting together a mixed-media collage using paint, paper, fabric and buttons.