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Kids are bubbling over with ideas and eagerness. Encourage your children to spend their leisure time in a creative and meaningful way and you will enable them to enthusiastically play and learn at the same time. For this purpose, we offer your child a range of suitable products, increasing his or her enthusiasm and curiosity by including suggestions for play with our products and product sets.

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Faber-Castell World Colors Children of the World Coloring Pages

Children of the World Coloring Pages for Kids

Our printable coloring pages for kids will take your child’s imagination on an adventure around the world. Read, illustrate, and learn about each character’s story or let your child create a story and coloring scene of their own.

Faber-Castell Playing & Learning Beeswax Crayons: Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan: Charley Harper & Van Gogh Mash Up

Follow this art lesson using Faber-Castell Oil Pastel Crayons and Tempera Paint to create art in the style of Charley Harper and Vincent Van Gogh. This mash up will introduce kids to the artists and their styles in a fun, guided drawing.

Faber-Castell Playing & Learning How to Draw and Sketch Graphite Guide for Kids

A How to Draw and Sketch Graphite Guide for Kids

Every great artist develops their skill and passion somewhere. Graphite sketching is not just for adults. We have easy and fun tips and techniques to help your young budding artist learn how to draw and feel confident in their work.

Art Lesson Plans

Did you know our Creativity for Life blog contains lesson plans that are perfect for art educators and students?