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Creative Studio offers quality art materials and guided activity sets that give the novice creative confidence. This robust line is designed to inspire and includes everything you need to begin your journey with art materials. Creative Studio is an affordable entrance to the Art & Graphic assortment of products and includes: Getting Started Sets, Gelatos, Color & Watercolor Pencils, Pastels, Sketching Sets and more. Creative Studio is the perfect place to embark on your creative journey!

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Bullet and Bible Journaling

Bullet Journaling® Series Part 1: Intro to Bullet Journaling

Throughout the last few years, the popularity of Bullet Journaling has flourished into a lifestyle, having all of those on the outside of the trend curious. What even is Bullet Journaling?

Color Pencil Comparison: Polychromos® & Goldfaber

Faber-Castell’s collection of color pencils coincides with our passion to support your creativity at every age and skill level. That is why we created our Polychromos® artist’s color pencils and Goldfaber color pencils in our Art & Graphic and Creative Studio lines.

Watercolor Background Art with Gelatos

Today we'll be using Metallic Blueberry and Raspberry Gelatos, and black Pitt Artist Pens® in brush and medium sizes. We have some watercolor paper and a sandwich bag, and that's all you'll need to create a watercolor background!