Black Edition Colored Pencils and Brush Pens

Black Edition Collection

Matching the stylish all black trend, Black Edition provides cool decorative objects for a casual upgrade in the living room and study. This collection of colored pencils and soft brush pens spice up everyday school life and belongs on the desks of cool kids and teens.

Black Edition Colored Pencils with a sketch

Black Edition Colored Pencils

The Black Edition Colored Pencils made with sleek black wood, have a wonderfully smooth and vibrant color laydown, thanks to their super soft lead. The high pigmentation of the lead makes them versatile – ideal for drawing techniques on light, colored and even dark paper.

The ergonomic triangular shape of the pencils automatically ensures the correct grip position for optimum comfort while drawing and prevents hand fatigue when creating art. Pencils will not roll away from the work surface as well.

Sketch of a skateboard with Black Edition Super Soft Brush Pens

Black Edition Super Soft Brush Pens

Add pops of brilliant color to your creations, as you elevate your art and redefine the boundaries of your creativity – with the Black Edition Super Soft Brush Pens!

These art markers are an excellent tool for various art forms. The super soft, felt-tip brush nib is both supple and precise, retaining its shape even after extensive use. Whether you’re sketching or coloring, the Black Edition Super Soft Brush Pens adapt seamlessly to your hand movements – giving you absolute control over the thickness and intensity of your lines.

Cool & Colorful Home Office

We all know this: an inspiring environment makes us all equally productive. The more comfortable we feel, the more creative we can be. This also applies to work in the home office. True energy boosters are stylish utensils that harmonize perfectly with the home ambience - like the Black Edition art materials from Faber-Castell. Their look hits the bull's eye: the dark barrel allows the bright colors to set the stage, further enhancing their radiance. 
But for decoration purposes alone, the stylish edition is definitely too good to go it alone, because it has even more to offer: The pencils are made of high-quality wood from sustainable forestry, fit perfectly in the hand with their ergonomic triangular shape and guarantee fantastic creative results: Thanks to the super soft lead, the brilliantly bright colors come out especially well, even on dark or colored paper.