Fine Writing

We type. We swipe. We post. Does writing by hand still have a role to play? Yes, it does! Especially in our digital lives, because anyone who is constantly online and connected needs an analogue balance. Do you want to organize your thoughts, let your creativity run free? Instantly, without screen – straight from thoughts to paper? We have the perfect writing instruments for everything that is new, surprising and unique: your ideas.

Hits All The Right Notes: The New HEXO

Always at hand when the next line in your new song comes to mind, when melodies take shape: the new Hexo. Whether ballpoint pen, rollerball pen or fountain pen: you’ll always hit the right note. Distinctive and stylish, the Hexo proudly shows off its corners and edges – and is extremely lightweight.

Dynamic Form: e-motion Writing Instruments

A quick scribble or fine details? You are the architect of your own life! Whatever you use them for, e-motion writing instruments will bring energy to your designs. Unmistakable: the dynamic silhouette of fountain pen, rollerball pen, ballpoint pen and propelling pencil. Beautifully designed, the striking eye-catchers are particularly comfortable to hold.

The Slender Desktop Professional: Ambition

For the clear line through your story: let your thoughts take shape – with the slender writing instruments of the Ambition series. Fountain pen, rollerball pen, ballpoint pen and propelling pencil support you in your work, line by line. Are you ready to write your next chapter?

For Design Minimalists: NEO Slim

A minimalist look and a clean and cool feel: when it comes to style, the NEO Slim is on a par with your smartphone or tablet. Ballpoint pen, fountain pen and rollerball pen are your new favourite analogue companions, plain and simple. Tailor-made for you and your own unique style!

The Whole World of Fine Writing

Functional, minimalist and as versatile as their users: discover our selection of high-quality writing instruments made from precious metals, precious resin and wood.