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Creativity for Kids offers fun and creative experiences today to nurture children’s confidence for life. 40+ years of experience makes us THE experts in the creative activities category that we founded. We know that engaging children in creative activities develops confidence through problem solving, self-expression and independence. Award-winning and highly engaging, the Creativity for Kids line has a wide variety of activities for girls and boys. Craft activities kits span a variety of sub categories such as fashion, jewelry, paper & memory crafts, light-up crafts, room décor, preschool crafts, sensory crafts, GROW gardening crafts, and holiday crafts.

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Seasonal Crafts

Craft kits specifically designed to provide children creative ways to enjoy the holiday and get in the holiday spirit. 

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Creativity for Kids Founders, Evelyn and Phyllis

The History of Creativity for Kids

The inspirational story of "Creativity for Kids" begins with two women, Phyllis Brody and Evelyn Greenwald who believed in the power of creativity in children's lives. This conviction came from their own childhood play experiences, those of their children and the many workshops and classroom programs that brought them into contact with children around the world.

Creativity for Kids Through the Years

In 1976, the company was founded as Creative Art Activities, Inc. by Phyllis Brody and Evelyn Greenwald. Working with kids in schools, museums, and other settings, the two women become convinced that all children are naturally creative and will benefit from experiences that stimulate and encourage creativity. They decide to start a company to offer these opportunities to children everywhere.

Creativity for Life Blog

How to Make a Dreamcatcher

A dreamcatcher DIY for kids! This is a longer project as you’ll need time to let glue and paint dry. It’s great practice for gluing, painting, measuring, cutting, threading, beading, and tying. Also, a great activity to help pass the time on those cold and rainy days.

Origami Health Benefits: 5 Great Reasons to create Origami as a Family

Origami is fun to create, pretty to look at, and surprisingly beneficial to your health! Here are five reasons why I recently incorporated origami into our routine.

Coloring Pages for You and Your Child

Printable coloring pages for coloring together with your kids. Coloring is something you can do side-by-side with your child.  Relieve your stress and spend quality time with your child – a win-win for any parent.