Coloring page with color pencils

Coloring Guide for Adults & Kids

Coloring pages for kids and adults is the hottest trend right now and is a great way to relax and easily express yourself. With art materials for all ages, Faber-Castell products are best to use. We have products for everyone... beginners, intermediate and experienced levels. Faber-Castell offers a wide variety of premium quality products that enhance your artwork and give you the best results possible.

Faber-Castell has a unique color system that can be used across all products. Click here for the color charts.

Coloring with your Kids

Coloring Pages for Kids

Coloring is a fun and relaxing activity for the entire family. Select from our wide variety of free downloadable pages.

Coloring for Adults (or kids)

Coloring Pages for Adults

Enjoy over 20 coloring pages made specifically for adults! Simply click to download what you would like to color.

Coloring Materials for Kids

Coloring pages are an easy and fun way for kids to easily get creative and express themselves. Faber-Castell has the perfect tools for kids to safely use.

Coloring Materials for Intermediate Colorists

You are officially addicted! It is relaxing, calming, and inspiring to pick your color palettes and spend hours coloring and creating amazing works of art. Now that you have figured out the basics, you are ready to move up to products that give you more color selection and more opportunities to use shading and blending techniques on you pages.

Coloring Materials for Advanced Colorists

Ready to graduate to the next level? Faber-Castell has professional-quality color pencils that will make your pages look like a masterpiece.

Printable Easy Coloring Pages for Special Occasions

Easy coloring pages for you and your child

Easy Coloring Pages for Your and Your Child

Printable easy coloring pages to complete together with your kids. It is something you can do side-by-side with your child.  Relieve your stress and spend quality time with your child – a win-win for any parent.

Printable Coloring Thank You Cards

Printable Coloring Thank You Cards

Printable cards to thank your local hero! We enrich lives through creativity and self-expression and one way to do that is to provide your family with easy coloring pages to decorate to show gratitude.

Easy Valentine's Day coloring page

Valentine's Day Doodles Coloring Page

An easy coloring page to celebrate Valentine's Day! Can you feel the love in the air? If you are looking forward Valentine’s Day, our coloring template may be just what you need. Use your favorite colors to spread love everywhere.

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