Soft Pastels for Beginners

Soft Pastels. Learn how to draw with Soft Pastels!

Learn how to draw with Soft Pastels! 

With a multi-angled shape and multipurpose powdery components, creating with pastels gives artists a unique and versatile approach to their artwork. Soft pastels, hard pastels, and pastel pencils are available for artists to choose from; each with their own unique qualities. Capture your various artistic visions in rich detail with Faber-Castell Creative Studio’s Soft Pastels. Available in full-length and half-length sticks, each set comes in a cardboard box with a tray used for storage. The storage tray also separates the sticks so that they are protected from breakage and from rubbing together.

Soft pastels are favored by artists looking for a media that is easily blendable, and the quality of our Soft Pastels is unmatchable. Acid-free and pigment-based, the vibrant colors stick to the surface of your paper whereas dye-based pastel colors will sink into your paper.  Created perfectly to deliver a silky-smooth flow of intense colors, these soft pastels are ideal for amateur artists, students, and creative enthusiasts. Every Soft Pastel set is a part of our Faber-Castell color index.

The key quality of soft pastels is their ability to blend and layer. You can blend with your finger, a Blending Stump, foam blenders, or a dry paintbrush. The shape of the pastel sticks is another way they provide versatility. Our Soft Pastels allow artists to achieve three different line widths with their rectangular shape. The pastel properties are the perfect tool for landscapes, chalk art, or creating negative space with tools such as stencils and outlines.  

Along with the ability to blend and layer, limitless creativity continues with Soft Pastel’s multipurpose qualities. Create a powder to blend into your paper by using a knife cutter against the pastel or create a higher concentration of pastel colors by adding water. Use a kneadable eraser to correct, remove, or highlight pastels. Eraser pencils are also handy to use for more detailed work. For the best support and results, use pastel paper or flock paper. Both pastel and flock paper are thicker with textures that properly capture the pastel pigment. For more insight on the best paper to use with your art, click here. Fixatives are also an important aspect in pastel artwork. There are a variety of fixatives you can use when creating with soft pastels. There are matte fixatives or glossy fixatives depending on the varnish you would prefer for your work. There are also workable fixatives when you are still working on your art.

Faber-Castell Creative Studio’s Soft Pastels are available in six sets. Three full-length soft pastels are available in sets of 12, 24, 36 and three half-length pastels are available in sets of 24, 48, and 72. These quality multipurpose pastels are the perfect pastel tool for any artist.

Faber-Castell Soft Pastels are now also available in a Soft Pastel Art Set.

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