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Creativity for Life / Lesson Plan

Statue of Liberty drawing

Statue of Liberty Celebration Art Lesson for Kids

A Fourth of July art lesson for kids celebrating Lady Liberty! In this art lesson, kids will learn the history behind the Statue of Liberty and fun facts about the iconic structure while creating their very own statue using Faber-Castell pastels and paint.
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National Pollinators Month Bird Drawing Art Lesson for Kids

National Pollinators Month Bird Drawing Art Lesson for Kids

This drawing art lesson for kids was inspired by National Pollinators Month. Our soft and sustainable Brilliant Beeswax Crayons make the perfect art tool for kids to color after their drawing is complete and are a great way to creatively recognize pollinators month. Let’s dive into this fun art lesson by Amy Friedman!
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Abstract art drawing

Drawing Day Abstract Art Lesson for Kids

Drawing Day is celebrated on May 16 and the best way to celebrate it is by expressing yourself through drawing just about anything you like. Did you know that drawing is an art closely tied to our history? Even cavemen who hadn’t yet learned to talk drew hunting scenes on cave walls. Today, let’s look at an abstract work of art and create our own masterpiece!
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Hand lettering with pencils and a sharpener

Back to School Hand Lettering with Pitt Artist Pens

Hi everyone, Mou Saha here with a tutorial to create a playful quote art using Pitt Artist Pen and Goldfaber Color Pencils to mark the return to school. I have compiled the materials list for you.
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Go Back to School in Style

Go Back to School in Style

It’s almost time to go back to school! Send your child back in style with accessories that will creatively encourage their individuality and supplies that will set them up for success.
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Watercolor llama

"Llamas and other Latin American Camels" Watercolor Art Lesson for Kids

An art lesson for kids teaching watercolors along with Latin American culture. Students draw a llama in traditional Latin American garb, and explore the concept of perspective and warm and cool colors. In this lesson plan, students explore the effectiveness of dramatic perspective and use of intense warm and cool colors.
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Watercolor and pastel boats

Monet's Boats Watercolor Art Lesson for Kids

An art lesson for kids with mixed media! Background Info: Growing up outside the port of Le Havre, France, Monet was familiar with boats. His father earned his living servicing larger ships at his small shop. Monet never owned his own boat until the age of thirty-three, but as a youth he had painted them in all shapes and sizes.
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Panda sketch with Goldfaber Graphite Pencils

Drawing for Kids! - A How to Draw and Sketch Graphite Guide

Every great artist develops their skill and passion somewhere. We create premium art supplies specifically made to artistically inspire kids and encourage their creativity. Graphite sketching is not just for adults. We have easy and fun tips and techniques to help your young budding artist learn how to draw and feel confident in their work.
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Artist Trading Cards

Artist Trading Cards Art Lesson for Kids

Students will experiment with a variety of exciting materials and ideas to create their own Artist Trading Cards to trade and collect.
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Painted heart

The Art of Shapes - Painting Art Lesson for Kids

In this art lesson for kids, students are introduced to several works of contemporary art associated with shapes, and make a piece of their own art inspired by Jim Dine’s famous heart motif.
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Sketch of backyard critters

"Me... Jane" Art Lesson for Kids

Students conduct a scientific study of plant and animal life in their own backyard or neighborhood by documenting it with sketches, field notes and research, just as Jane Goodall did as a young girl.
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Shades of blue paint

"The Little Island" Painting Art Lesson for Kids

Students paint a storm, and learn to convey mood, drama and movement by use of a variety of brush strokes inspired by the book "The Little Island" by Margaret Wise Brown and Leonard Weisgard
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Beach Collage

Tar Beach Contemporary Art Lesson for Kids

Students learn about the Contemporary American artist Faith Ringgold, and create their own story quilt collage inspired by her book, Tar Beach.
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Folk Art portraits of a woman and man

Contemporary Folk Art Portrait Art Lesson for Kids

An art lesson for kids featuring World Colors Colored EcoPencils! Students create their own unique self-portraits inspired by Frida Kahlo and an 18th century soldier by executing them in a Folk Art style.
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Fox in the woods Gelatos art

A Foxes Walk in the Woods Gelatos Art Lesson Plan

In this lesson plan, we explore the basic steps in creating a vibrant and dynamic cut paper-collage, inspired by nature from my walk in the woods of Maine.
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Painting of tiger in jungle

Rousseau's Rain Forest Art Lesson for Kids

An art lesson for kids inspired by painter Henri Rousseau! Students become acquainted with Henri Rousseau’s life and art, and then create their own fantasy rain forest painting inspired by his work.
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Green childrens sculpture

A Sculpture Art Lesson for Kids Inspired by Louise Nevelson

The goal of this project is for students to learn about some of the principles of sculpture, such as composition, form, shape and repetition. Read Louise Nevelson: The Artist and the Legend and discuss how Nevelson was famous for her assemblage sculptures made of found objects.
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Paint stamped fox and typography

Hailstones and Halibut Bones - Block Printing & Graphic Design Art Lesson for Kids

An art lesson for kids teaching block printing and graphic design! Students will come to appreciate the poetry of Mary O’Neil in a project that combines both the art of block printing and graphic design.
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Owl flying in front of moon

Great Horned Owl Watercolor Art Lesson for Kids

A watercolor art lesson for kids inspired by Owl Moon by Jane Yolen! Students learn to create texture through the use of a variety of line work and painting effects on their own image of a Great Horned Owl.
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Kachine doll

Kachina Dolls Art Lesson for Kids

An art lesson for kids exploring Hopi Native American Indian Culture! Students will explore the cultural significance of the Kachina Doll, and the role it plays in the lives of the Hopi Native American Indian Culture. Students will then create a Kachina doll drawing with a unique meaning to apply to their own life.
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