A Sculpture Art Lesson for Kids Inspired by Louise Nevelson

Green childrens sculpture

An art lesson for kids teaching sculpture with a variety of objects!

The goal of this project is for students to learn about some of the principles of sculpture, such as composition, form, shape and repetition. Read Louise Nevelson: The Artist and the Legend and discuss how Nevelson was famous for her assemblage sculptures made of found objects.


Tempera Paints

box lid

variety of disposable odds and ends

white glue or glue gun

paint brush


found objects - objects that originally had a different purpose, which the artist collected and used in his/her artwork

assemblage - form of sculpture made of “found” objects arranged in such a way that they create a piece. These objects can be anything organic or man-made.

monochromatic - having only one color

form - a 3 dimensional figure

shape - 2 dimensional or flat with defined edges

composition - combining elements in a pleasing arrangement

 Box lid

Step 1: Provide a large assortment of disposable odds and ends in a variety of interesting shapes and sizes for students to choose from. Have each student carefully choose a dozen or so items for their art.

Random objects

Step 2: Have them layout their objects in an interesting way inside their box lid. Encourage them to experiment; group similar objects to create repetition, look at things at different angles and positions, make them fit. When they have decided on a pleasing composition, have them glue the pieces down.

Random objects in green box lid

Step 3: Have students paint their assemblage in a monochromatic manner, including sides of the box and back. Notice how the painted pieces have been transformed and simplified into beautiful shapes and forms.

Random objects painted green in box lid

Download the entire lesson plan, here

Artist Biography - Janis Doukakis


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