Koi Fish Watercolor Tutorial

Two watercolor koi fish

A watercolor tutorial featuring Watercolor Pans!

Hi everyone, Mou Saha here with a watercolor tutorial using Pan watercolors. I have made a complete materials list for you.


Watercolors in Pans 48ct - #FC169748

Grip Writing EcoPencil with Eraser (HB) - #117200

Kneadable Art Eraser - Grey - #127220

Collapsible Water cup

Watercolor paper

Sketch of koi fish
With the grip pencil, make a quick and light outline sketch of Koi fishes. Gently erase away any unnecessary lines with the kneadable eraser.
Watercolor koi fish with water brush and cup
Fill your water brush from the Pan Watercolors set with water from the Collapsible Water cup. Paint the patches on the Koi fishes using Pan Watercolors.

Watercolor koi fish with watercolor pan
Add contrast and details to the fishes as shown. No need to define every scale or detail - the less labored the look the better it is.  

Two watercolor koi fish
Once you complete painting the fishes add a little bluish green for the water around them.

I hope you enjoyed today’s pan watercolors tutorial. Remember, watercolors get easier with practice.


Artist biography - Mou Saha - Mou Saha Studio


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