Back to School Hand Lettering with Pitt Artist Pens

Hand lettering with pencils and a sharpener

Hi everyone, Mou Saha here with a tutorial to create a playful quote art using Pitt Artist Pen and Goldfaber Color Pencils to mark the return to school. I have compiled the materials list for you.


Grip 2001 Graphite Pencil - HB - #117000

Kneadable Art Eraser - Grey - #127220

Pitt Artist Pen® Extra Superfine - #199 Black - #567099

Goldfaber Color Pencils - Tin of 48 - #214748

Mixed Media paper


Paper with sketch and pencil and ruler

Using the Grip 2001 Graphite HB Pencil and a ruler, draw light straight lines on the 6 x 9 inches mixed media paper. Start writing out the quote with the same pencil working lightly.

Lettering outline with Pitt Artist Pen

Trace over the quote with extra Superfine tipped black Pitt Artist pen.

Lettering outline with eraser

Erase pencil lines. Since the India ink of the Pitt Artist Pen dries instantly, there is no risk of smudging the lettering.

Lettering with Goldfaber Color Pencils

Start filling out each letter with Goldfaber Color Pencils. Make it as colorful as you like or stay within a range of shades. I hope you enjoyed today’s lettering tutorial with the Pitt Artist Pen and Goldfaber Color Pencils and are inspired to keep practicing your own lettering.

Artist Biography - Mou Saha - Mou Saha Studio


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