Knitting for Kids – Learn How to Knit with Quick Knit Loom

Knitting for Kids

Knitting is far more than taking a needle to yarn. Beyond the pride that comes from having the skill to create your own textiles and garments, knitting holds creative and personal benefits. Even better, adults are not the only people who can knit and reap the benefits. Kids can easily adopt the craft at a young age and join the community of creatives who have discovered the joys and benefits of knitting.

On the surface, it is easy to realize that knitting benefits our creative minds, but it is much more than that. With learning how to knit comes a sense of confidence and independence. Although guidance may be needed when first learning how to knit, knitting is an independent activity that your kid will be proud of when they are finished.  Along with being independent, knitting is also a mindful and calming craft. The repetitive weaving motion that is required with knitting is often relaxing for many.

Fine motor coordination, critical thinking, and problem solving are also skills that are developed when learning how to knit. Last, knitting with others interested in the craft can create a feeling of belonging and community.

Teaching kids how to knit may be intimidating at first, but it doesn’t have to be. Creativity for Kids wants kids to be able to join in on the fun of knitting, so we created an entire collection of craft kits to get them started.  

Girl with a Quick Knit Loom

Quick Knit Loom:

The Quick Knit Loom is our original craft kit designed to teach kids how to knit. Unlike traditional knitting or crochet, the Quick Knit Loom is simple to use. Use chunky rainbow yarn, faux-fur rainbow pom poms, a loom, and other easy-to-use tools to create a pom pom hat and a cup cozy.

Child with Hat Not Hate Quick Knit Loom

Hat Not Hate Quick Knit Loom:

Our loom knitting method was such a success we decided to add more variety to our Quick Knit Loom Kits with our Hat Not Hate Quick Knit Loom. We at Creativity for Kids partnered with Lion Brand Yarn and the anti-bullying campaign Hat Not Hate to create a knit that spreads awareness through the symbol of blue hats. Each kit comes with enough materials to create two blue hats, one to keep and one to share, and a vinyl #HATNOTHATE sticker to further promote our message. You can learn more about Hat Not Hate, here.

Quick Knit Loom Unicorn

Quick Knit Loom Unicorn:

This quick knit kit is not only adorable but unique. Kids can knit their own cuddly unicorn plushie toy with Quick Knit Loom Unicorn. Colored yarn, felt stickers, a gold horn, ears, and easy-to-use knitting accessories are all included for the magical loom creation to live.

Child with Quick Knit Headband

Quick Knit Headbands:

Kids can learn a new loom knitting technique while creating their very own vibrant headbands with our Quick Knit Headbands kit. Easily bring out the inner fashion designer with the provided loom, illustrated instructions, and online how-to-video. Kids can create endless styles to wear in their hair with materials to create a bow, button, pom pom, and twist headbands in three vibrant colors.

Child with a Quick Knit Button Scarf

Quick Knit Button Scarf:

You have the hat for the cold winter months, now you need a scarf! The Quick Knit Button Scarf craft kit allows for kids to easily create their own button scarf with illustrated instructions, a how-to-video, and all the supplies needed including 90 yards of rainbow yarn, a rectangle loom, sewing thread, heart buttons, an embroidered patch, and more easy-to-use knitting tools.

Quick Knit Charm Bracelets

Quick Knit Charm Bracelets:

One can never have too many accessories, especially when they’re homemade! Like our craft kits utilizing looms, The Quick Knit Charm Bracelets kit makes it easy for kids to learn how to knit. This kit; however, introduces a knitting pick for a different knitting experience. Kids can create a variety of charm bracelets with charms, gems, sparkling beads, and five yarn bundles. This kit includes illustrated step-by-step instructions that will make creating the charm bracelets fun and easy. When kids are finished with the kit, they can show off their bracelets or share with a friend.

Child knitting a pocket scarf

Learn to Knit Pocket Scarf:

With our Learn to Knit Pocket Scarf craft kit, color-coded knitting needles are included for a beginner knitting experience for kids. Still a knitting kit for kids and beginners, illustrated instructions and an online how-to video provide a step-by-step guide in completing the pocket scarf. Kids will love creating their own vibrant and functional pocket scarf with over 135 yards of rainbow yarn, an embroidered patch, a gift tag, and two knitting needles, a darning need, and a threader.

Learning how to knit at a young age is very beneficial to kids. Our wide selection of knitting kits is a great way to get your kid started. You can find all our knitting kits, here.


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