Hat Not Hate is an anti-bullying campaign. Founded in 2018 by Shira Blumenthal, herself a victim of childhood bullying, this craft activity raises awareness by making, wearing and sharing blue hats in support of bullying prevention.

Craft 2 knit hats effortlessly with The Hat Not Hate Quick Knit Loom, created in partnership with Lion Brand Yarn. Perfect for kids and beginners, no prior experience is needed! Everything you need is included.

Knitting on a loom is easy and fun! Unlike traditional knitting or crochet methods, the Quick Knit Loom is simple to learn and user-friendly. Children as young as 7 can easily create a hat and join the #HATNOTHATE movement.

The repetitive motions of knitting provide a calming, mindful craft experience. Knitting is also an independent activity that builds skills such as fine motor coordination, math, critical thinking, problem solving and creativity.

Knitting tools can be used again and again to make even more hats to support the cause! Additional blue yarn can be purchased at most craft supply stores or visit the Lion Brand Yarn website.

Help spread the word! Your kit also includes a vinyl #HATNOTHATE sticker that can be placed on water bottles, notebooks or shared with a friend.

Ages: 7+

Contents Include: 180 Yards of chunky blue acrylic Lion Brand Yarn, 1 Reusable 9" loom, 1 Loom hook, 1 Tassel and pom pom maker, 2 Faux leather #HATNOTHATE tags and Instructions


Warning: NONE