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Watercolor llama

"Llamas and other Latin American Camels" Watercolor Art Lesson for Kids

An art lesson for kids teaching watercolors along with Latin American culture. Students draw a llama in traditional Latin American garb, and explore the concept of perspective and warm and cool colors. In this lesson plan, students explore the effectiveness of dramatic perspective and use of intense warm and cool colors.
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Watercolor and pastel boats

Monet's Boats Watercolor Art Lesson for Kids

An art lesson for kids with mixed media! Background Info: Growing up outside the port of Le Havre, France, Monet was familiar with boats. His father earned his living servicing larger ships at his small shop. Monet never owned his own boat until the age of thirty-three, but as a youth he had painted them in all shapes and sizes.
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Owl flying in front of moon

Great Horned Owl Watercolor Art Lesson for Kids

A watercolor art lesson for kids inspired by Owl Moon by Jane Yolen! Students learn to create texture through the use of a variety of line work and painting effects on their own image of a Great Horned Owl.
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Watercolor dragon

A to Z Mysteries: Chinese New Year Art Lesson for Kids

Students enjoy reading a fun chapter book surrounding the Chinese New Year, and create an exciting watercolor painting of the culture’s legendary symbol.
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Warm as the Sun Cool as the Moon

Earth Day Craft for Kids - Warm as the Sun Cool as the Moon

The goal of this exercise is for students to learn about the concept and use of warm and cool colors in a watercolor painting of their own. The Connector Paints are designed to click together in various creative combinations for interest and to encourage creativity. 
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Mixed media Chagall lesson plan for kids

Marc Chagall Mixed Media Art Lesson for Kids

A mixed media art lesson for kids celebrating the art of Marc Chagall. In this lesson plan, students will learn some exciting and effective art techniques with a variety of materials to create a very unique piece of art–
a portrayal of themselves, including images of meaningful things in their life, all inspired by Marc Chagall of course.
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Easter Egg Crafts

Easter Egg Crayon Resist Craft for Kids

Easter egg craft with mixed media! The technique shown here, called “Resist”, is when you apply one material that is waxy or oily and then go over it with a water-based material that is not waxy or oily and won’t mix – it resists! In this case, I’m using crayons as the resist. Then I cover this with watercolor paint.
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