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Sketching in a book with Pitt Artist Pens

Inktober Challenge: Eagle Sketching Tutorial

A sketching tutorial for the 2022 Inktober drawing challenge using Pitt Artist Pens. Follow as artist Mou Saha demonstrates how to sketch various styles of eagles and a wood carved eagle totem pole.
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Pitt Artist Pen with fude nib

What is a Fude Nib? Meet the Pitt Artist Pen's Newest Nibs

The Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen collection is known for its versatility and wide variety of nibs, making it a go-to for artists and crafters of all interests. Taking the versatility of the popular artist pens a step further, Pitt Artist Pens are now available in two new nib sizes: fude medium and fude hard.
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Comparing ink

Comparing Ink: Pigment-Based Ink vs. Dye-Based Ink

You have the creative ideas, you have the skill, but do you know what your art medium is made of? Inside your favorite markers and pens is quality ink specifically chosen for that medium. Dye-based ink and pigment-based ink are the most common types of ink to create with. Learn the difference between the two and determine which ink is the best fit for your art.
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One Pitt Artist Pen. Endless Possibilities

One Pitt Artist Pen®, 14 Nib Sizes, Endless Possibilities

Faber-Castell’s Pitt Artist Pen ® collection offers vibrant colors of India ink; including 60 colors and six metallics. With fourteen different nib sizes available in various colors, this collection provides endless possibilities for an inspired artist. The passion in our product is drawn from the long artistic tradition of ink and our pride in changing the way you create art. There is a nib size for any outlet of art.
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Summer doodle art with Pitt Artist Pens

Let's Draw Summer Doodle Art!

A doodle art tutorial to celebrate summertime! Artist Lhey Ralston will be sharing with you how to create this fun illustration that reminds her of a very fun summer scene. You may play around and change up your character as you please. But get your supplies ready, and let’s create!
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Unicorn mermaid drawing with Pitt Artist Pens

MerMay Challenge! Unicorn Mermaid Drawing Tutorial

Hello Everyone, it’s Lhey here. For today’s post I have something really fun in stored for you. Have you ever heard of the #mermay challenge? If you use the hashtag in your favorite social media outlet, you will see a whole lot of amazing artists participating in this challenge. The idea is to draw mermaids daily in different ways, styles and poses. I think it’s truly a great practice for your creativity and a a fun way to interact and engage with mermaid fans like myself.
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Hand lettering and Pitt Artist Pens

Hand Lettering Tutorial - 100 Day Project

Hi everyone, Mou Saha here setting out on my #The100DayProject for 2022. I will focus on hand-lettering for these 100 days. While I don’t have all the details figured out yet, I know I’ll be using my Pitt Artist Pens often if not every day. I have made a complete materials list for Day 1 for you.
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Sketch of Dr. King with Pitt Artist Pens and a Graphite Pencil

Celebrating Dr. King with Pitt Artist Pens

Celebrate and remember the impact of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with artist Mou Saha's sketching tutorial using graphite pencils and Pitt Artist Pens. Celebrate Dr. King and what he stood for and his name still stands for today.
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Microscope sketch with Pitt Artist Pen and Graphite Pencil

Daily Sketching Tutorial with Pitt Artist Pens

A simple daily sketching tutorial using Pitt Artist Pens with artist Mou Saha. When it comes to a daily practice, I like to keep it super simple and minimalistic – one pencil, eraser and my favorite black pen – the Pitt Artist Pen with an extra superfine tip and permanent rich black India ink.
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Christmas hand lettering with Pitt Artist Pens

Christmas Ornament Holiday Hand Lettering Tutorial

Hi everyone, Mou Saha here with a Christmas ornament hand lettering tutorial using Pitt Artist Pens. I have made a complete materials list for you.
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Calligraphy with stones

Celebrate World Calligraphy Day with Pitt Artist Pens

Hi everyone, Mou Saha here with a tutorial to create a quote art using Calligraphy tip Pitt Artist Pens to celebrate World Calligraphy Day on August 11, 2021. Calligraphy is where art merges with handwriting. While it would take many years of disciplined practice to master this ancient art form, thanks to the Calligraphy tip Pitt Artist pens, we can all dream and dabble a little into the beauty of hand-lettering. I have compiled the materials list for you.
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Bird sketch with hand lettering

Bird Study Sketching Tutorial with Color Pencils

A sketching tutorial featuring a nuthatch bird! Hi everyone, Mou Saha here with a study tutorial of a nuthatch, a common backyard bird, using Pitt Artist Pens and Goldfaber Color Pencils. I have made a complete materials list for you.
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Turtle with patterned shell

World Turtle Day Pitt Artist Pen Tutorial

World Turtle Day is May 23rd! Spread awareness in a fun way with this Pitt Artist Pen tutorial.
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Best Mom award picture

Best Mom Award: Mother's Day Tutorial

A Mother's Day tutorial for the best mom out there! Hi everyone, Mou Saha here with a tutorial celebrating Mother’s Day using Pitt Artist Pens and Goldfaber Color Pencils. I have made a complete materials list for you.

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Mom Mother's Day Gift Wrapping

DIY Mother's Day Gift Wrapping

Wrap your Mother's Day gift in personalized wrapping paper! This craft is quick, easy to do, and is sure to impress Mom.
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Mothers Day Breakfast Jar

DIY Breakfast Jar Mother's Day Gift

A Mother's Day gift to personalize Mom's breakfast!
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Bullet Journal food doodles

Bullet Journal Tutorial: Food Doodles

Food, glorious food! We all love it... we all need it... why not draw some classic favorites? Whether you like to snack on orange slices, treat your sweet tooth with a cupcake, or feel french with a croissant... food doodles are just plain FUN!
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Bullet Journal with floral accents

Bullet Journal Tutorial: Floral Accents

A Bullet Journal tutorial to welcome spring! Spring is here! Well... the season, maybe not the weather just yet. So why not put a little pep in your pages with some floral accents? Put the "fun" in functional with these sweet little additions to your normal task boxes, signifiers, dividers, headers, and more!
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Bullet Journal with Plant Doodles and Pitt Artist Pens

Bullet Journal Tutorial: Plant Doodles

Do you have a green thumb? I don't! (I have green thumb envy, though...) While I may not be the best plant mama, I sure like to draw them! Here, I've shown you how to draw 5 different houseplants that can be created in only 4 simple steps.
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Bullet Journal with lettering

Bullet Journal Lettering Tutorial Fun

Pssttt... Hey you... yes, you! I have a secret! You don't have to be a lettering master or high-level artist to have fun with lettering! Here, I've shown you 16 (wow!) different styles of lettering to try!
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