One Pitt Artist Pen®, 14 Nib Sizes, Endless Possibilities

One Pitt Artist Pen. Endless Possibilities

Faber-Castell’s Pitt Artist Pen ® collection offers vibrant colors of India ink; including 60 colors and six metallics. With fourteen different nib sizes available in various colors, this collection provides endless possibilities for an inspired artist. The passion in our product is drawn from the long artistic tradition of ink and our pride in changing the way you create art. There is a nib size for any outlet of art. No matter if you are illustrating, journaling, hand lettering, or creating a more traditional route of expression, we have you covered.

Pitt Artist Pen extra extra superfine nib

Extra Extra Superfine Nib

Available in black, line width 0.05 mm

We are starting off fine... and we mean extra, extra, fine. The extra extra superfine Pitt Artist Pen is the smallest nib of the fineliner nib family at 0.05 mm wide. Although it is our smallest nib, it is protected with a long, metal encasement. The extra extra superfine Pitt Artist Pen is available in black.

Pitt Artist Pen extra superfine nib

Extra Superfine Nib

Available in black, line width 0.1 mm

Our extra superfine Pitt Artist Pen is a member of the fineliner family with a nib size of 0.1mm. Designed for deep detail, this nib size is perfect for bullet journaling, illustrating, and sketching. Extra superfine is available in black.

Pitt Artist Pen superfine nib

Superfine Nib

Available in 12 colors, line width 0.3 mm

*Certain colors only available for a limited time

A small size up from our extra superfine is our superfine nib measuring in at 0.3 mm. With a slightly bolder presence but still small and versatile, this size is often found in sets configured for bullet journaling, sketching, illustrating and hand lettering. Superfine is also a fineliner and available in 11 different colors.

Pitt Artist Pen fine nib

Fine Nib

Available in 4 colors, line width 0.5 mm 

The fineliner collection continues with our 0.5mm fine nib available in black, sepia, and sanguine. This nib works in a similar way as its fineliner companions and is great for illustrating, sketching and bullet journaling.

Pitt Artist Pen medium nib

Medium Nib

Available in 4 colors, line width 0.7 mm

The largest and last of our fineliners, the medium nib, is 0.7mm. Same as the fine sized nib it is available in black, sepia, and sanguine. Medium works great for sketching, drawing, and layouts, and can be found in our hand lettering and planner packs as they are the perfect size to make a small detailed statement.

Pitt Artist Pen bullet nib

Bullet Nib

Available in 8 colors, line width 1.5 mm

Lines thicken, and possibilities grow as we discuss our bullet nib. This 1.5mm pen is not only available in black but also six metallic colors, perfect to add a side of shimmer to your art. This nib size creates uniform strokes with high opacity; ideal for illustrating, designing and hand lettering.

Pitt Artist Pen big bullet nib

Available in white, line width 2.5 mm

Along with our standard 1.5mm bullet nib, we provide a big bullet nib that is 2.5mm. Available in white, this bullet nib works great to fill larger areas with its bold strokes.

Pitt Artist Pen calligraphy nib

Calligraphy Nib

Available in 12 colors, line width 2.5 mm

Our calligraphy Pitt Pen is the most self-explanatory nib. The word calligraphy comes from the Greek meaning “the art of beautiful writing.” We honor this meaning by providing a wedge-shaped nib perfect for fancy block lettering and handwritten text; calligraphy and journaling. The 2.5 mm chiseled nib is available in 12 colors.

Pitt Artist Pen soft chisel nib

Soft Chisel Nib

Available in black, line width variable

Available for a limited time*

Like its companion the calligraphy pen, the soft chisel pen has the ideal nib structure for sketching, journaling and illustrating, and the chiseled tip is perfect for calligraphy and adding the perfect final detail to any project. This pen is available in black and can produce a line of 1 to 3 mm.

Pitt Artist Pen brush nib

Brush Nib

Available in 60 colors, line width variable

Debatably the most popular pen of the pack, our brush Pitt Pen is available in 60 colors. With a flexible nib of 1 to 5mm, this pen has a unique workflow that provides different line intensities for your desired outcome. This pen is an Illustrating, fashion design, life drawing, portraits, comic art and canvas painting tool all portably stored in one.

Pitt Artist Pen soft brush nib

Soft Brush Nib

Available in 11 colors, line width variable

Available for a limited time*

The Pitt Pen soft brush nib has a similar look and feel as our regular brush pen. The tip can produce a line of 0.5 to 5mm, making it versatile. Bullet journaling, illustrating, hand lettering, or classic variations of art can all be beautifully achieved with this nib. It is available in 11 different colors.

Pitt Artist Pen big brush nib

Big Brush Nib

Available in 47 colors, line width variable

*Certain colors only available for a limited time

Joining our Pitt Pen collection is the big brush nib. This pen has a flexible nib available in 1 to 8mm and 47 colors. It has four times more ink than the traditional Pitt Artist Pen and is great for large format artwork.

Pitt Artist Pen fude medium nib
Pitt Artist Pen fude hard nib

Fude Nib

Available in black

The fude nib is our latest addition to our Pitt Artist Pen collection. The term "fude" comes from a Japanese term meaning "brush." Although similar to a brush nib, the fude nib is a little shorter and creates a more stable design. The fude nib is perfect for beginners with a flexible nib that creates razor-sharp lines and is suited for lettering, sketch notes, and bullet journaling. 

Faber-Castell currently carries the Pitt Artist Pen fude nib in medium and hard. The medium fude nib has a flexible brush tip where the hard fude nib is hard. 

We are dedicated to creating the highest standard of products for all your artistic needs. All the way to the tip, our Pitt Artist Pens are manufactured with you in mind. Whether you are bringing to life your latest comic characters, addressing invitations for your big day, or designing the next fashion trend, there is a Pitt Artist Pen for you.

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