Watercolor DIY Father's Day Card for the Coolest Dad

Happy Father's Day card

Is your Dad the COOLEST? Here is a great card making craft for Father’s Day!

Recommended Father's Day Card Materials:

Piece of absorbent paper towel

Black Pitt Artist Pen or Any Markers

Connector Paints

Paint Brush

Water Cup

White Piece of Paper

Popsicle Stick or Wood Stick

Glue Stick


Pencil and Eraser

We are going to create a fun card for Dad or that special someone to celebrate Father’s Day on June 19th.

Connector Paint with paper towel

Here is our set up - Let's get ready to paint our paper towel. This painting piece is going to become a popsicle as we create a fun card for dad. Feel free to blend the colors with your paint brush as the paint and water will absorb onto the paper towel. Use your paint brush to blend the colors and make a magical mix of colors. The paint can be messy. Have a piece of paper or placemat under the paper towel as the watercolors may absorb through the paper towel. 

Watercolors on a paper towel

We will set aside the paper towel painting to dry. Take a piece of white construction paper or lightly colored construction paper and fold it in half horizontally (hamburger fold). Any paper will work if you do not have construction paper. Using a pencil, sketch out the card lettering. Go over your lettering with a black Pitt Pen or any markers you have on hand. See Picture #3. Feel free to add additional color if you wish. Erase any visible pencil lines after outlining letters.

Father's Day card

Using a glue stick, glue down your popsicle stick (or any wood stick). Once your paper towel painting is a bit dryer, carefully cut out a shape using scissors that you would like to be the popsicle. Glue down the paper towel painting for the popsicle.

Happy Father's Day card

Feel free to add details and more color to your Father’s Day card using crayons, markers or colored pencils. Anything goes. Write a special message inside your card for your dad or special person and just like that... you have created a collage work of art! It's always fun to design and create a hand-made card for a special occasion!

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