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Microscope sketch with Pitt Artist Pen and Graphite Pencil

Daily Sketching Tutorial with Pitt Artist Pens

A simple daily sketching tutorial using Pitt Artist Pens with artist Mou Saha. When it comes to a daily practice, I like to keep it super simple and minimalistic – one pencil, eraser and my favorite black pen – the Pitt Artist Pen with an extra superfine tip and permanent rich black India ink.
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Graphite Degrees of Hardness

Graphite Pencil Degrees of Hardness Explained

Your graphite pencil lead guide. Our high-quality graphite pencils consist of a mixture of graphite and clay and are currently available in 16 degrees of hardness. The degree of graphite hardness is determined by the mix ratio of the graphite and clay, the greater the graphite the softer the lead and the more clay the harder the lead. There is a graphite pencil for every artist!
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Moth sketch with Golfaber Color Pencils

Moth Sketching Tutorial

A sketching tutorial to capture the details! In this lesson plan, we combine the unique qualities of two types of pencils: Goldfaber Color Pencils offer the artist a large degree of control and ability to capture fine detail. Goldfaber Graphite Pencils offer contrast, texture, and a pleasing aesthetic.
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Graphite Sketch Set. Learn how to sketch with Graphite Pencils!

Sketching with Faber-Castell's Graphite Sketch Set

Easily accessible and simple to learn and use, with the ability to achieve dark deep shades or gentle light details, graphite pencils are an aspiring sketch artist’s best drawing companion. Through all the media available for artists to draw and sketch, graphite pencils are an easy but dynamic tool to use to get started.
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Classic Sketch Set. Learn how to sketch with pastel pencils & graphite!

Sketching with Faber-Castell's Classic Sketch Set

Simultaneously simple yet dynamic, sketching is an art style that can be achieved with just a few quality products you can trust to carry out your vision. Faber-Castell Creative Studio’s Classic Sketch Set provides that experience. One of three Faber-Castell sketch sets, the Classic Sketch Set is assembled ideally for beginners and art students with various media and monochrome hues; all that is you need to get started.
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