Sketching with Faber-Castell's Classic Sketch Set

Classic Sketch Set. Learn how to sketch with pastel pencils & graphite!

Learn how to sketch with pastel pencils and graphite!

Simultaneously simple yet dynamic, sketching is an art style that can be achieved with just a few quality products you can trust to carry out your vision. Faber-Castell Creative Studio’s Classic Sketch Set provides that experience. One of three Faber-Castell sketch sets, the Classic Sketch Set is assembled ideally for beginners and art students with various media and monochrome hues; all that is you need to get started.

The Classic Sketch Set includes six different media: three Pitt® Pastel Pencils in Medium White, Sanguine, and Walnut Brown, one Oil Based Pitt® Pencil in Medium Black, one 2B Goldfaber Graphite Pencil, and a Paper Blending Stump. Consistent in quality, every product is held to the same production standard. The variety and versatility of the media in this set make it a go-to for artists to begin their sketching journey and find their niche.

Every pencil in this set is manufactured to last by our Secural Bonding Process, also known as SV Bonding. SV Bonding is when the full length of the lead is glued to the wood casing of the pencil in production. This strengthens the lead and prevents breakage; allowing for better sharpening and producing a fine point. This process is Faber-Castell trademarked.

Nail every sketching detail with Pitt Pastel Pencils. Their design makes them perfectly suited for fine and elaborate detail, whilst their wax and oil-free contents make them easily smudgeable for fine color transitions. The Pitt Pastel Pencils in this kit include the colors: Medium White, Sanguine, and Walnut Brown. Each color is highly pigmented with excellent lightfastness. Our Medium White color is great for highlighting, and all three tones are great for monochrome and skin tone art. Please be careful to note that these pencils should not be sharpened in a sharpener but instead with a sharpening knife.

Opposite from its pastel companions, the Pitt Oil Based Pencil is smudge-proof and oil-based. Use this pencil for fine detail, outlines, and contours. One Pitt Oil-Based Pencil in Medium Black is included in this kit. Including both Pitt Pastel Pencils and a Pitt Oil Based Pencil in this set provides the perfect pair for artists to create with contrasting qualities. Use the Pitt Oil-Based Pencil to add deep detail to your pastel work.

Made of finely ground graphite and clay, the Goldfaber Graphite Pencil in our Classic Sketch Set provides consistent laydown made perfect for sketching. The 2B lead hardness is a lighter lead that is easy to erase but will not be prone to smearing.

Last, our Paper Blending Stump is the tool that adds the finishing touches to your artwork. The stump gives you the ability to blend and correct all media included in our kit: pastel pencils, charcoal, and graphite pencils. To sharpen the stump, use sandpaper.

Every product provides its own unique touch to your artwork, the Classic Sketch Set is everything an aspiring sketch artist could need. With this kit, you can experiment and experience different media and genres of sketching and design such as classic sketching, graphic design, shading, urban sketching, mixed media art, dimension art, and portraits. You can find our Classic Sketch Set here. Faber-Castell also provides a Graphite Sketch Set as well as a Charcoal Sketch Set for more specific sketching needs.

Classic Sketch Set Contents


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