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Pitt Graphite and Castell 9000 Graphite Pencils

What is the Difference Between Faber-Castell Castell 9000 and Pitt Graphite Pencils?

Faber-Castell graphite pencils provide an unmatched graphite experience for artists with attention to high-quality included in every detail of their making. The popular Castell 9000 and Pitt Graphite collections are professional grade graphite pencils both with qualities that make them similar yet individually irreplaceable.
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Pitt Graphite pencil and crayon

Pitt Graphite Pencils

The vast selection of Faber-Castell graphite pencils and tools gives artists the ability to bring their art to life with high-quality material. The Pitt Graphite range provides all creatives with an extensive range of pencils and crayons in different grades of hardness ideal for sketching, graphite design, and shading work. Pitt Graphite is available in Pitt Graphite Pure Pencils and Pitt Graphite Crayons.
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Graphite Degrees of Hardness

Graphite Pencil Degrees of Hardness Explained

Your graphite pencil lead guide. Our high-quality graphite pencils consist of a mixture of graphite and clay and are currently available in 16 degrees of hardness. The degree of graphite hardness is determined by the mix ratio of the graphite and clay, the greater the graphite the softer the lead and the more clay the harder the lead. There is a graphite pencil for every artist!
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