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Summer doodle art with Pitt Artist Pens

Let's Draw Summer Doodle Art!

A doodle art tutorial to celebrate summertime! Artist Lhey Ralston will be sharing with you how to create this fun illustration that reminds her of a very fun summer scene. You may play around and change up your character as you please. But get your supplies ready, and let’s create!
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Unicorn mermaid drawing with Pitt Artist Pens

MerMay Challenge! Unicorn Mermaid Drawing Tutorial

Hello Everyone, it’s Lhey here. For today’s post I have something really fun in stored for you. Have you ever heard of the #mermay challenge? If you use the hashtag in your favorite social media outlet, you will see a whole lot of amazing artists participating in this challenge. The idea is to draw mermaids daily in different ways, styles and poses. I think it’s truly a great practice for your creativity and a a fun way to interact and engage with mermaid fans like myself.
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Bullet Journal food doodles

Bullet Journal Tutorial: Food Doodles

Food, glorious food! We all love it... we all need it... why not draw some classic favorites? Whether you like to snack on orange slices, treat your sweet tooth with a cupcake, or feel french with a croissant... food doodles are just plain FUN!
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Bullet Journal with Plant Doodles and Pitt Artist Pens

Bullet Journal Tutorial: Plant Doodles

Do you have a green thumb? I don't! (I have green thumb envy, though...) While I may not be the best plant mama, I sure like to draw them! Here, I've shown you how to draw 5 different houseplants that can be created in only 4 simple steps.
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Bullet Journal with postal doodles

Bullet Journal Tutorial : Postal Doodles

A Bullet Journal doodle tutorial inspired by love letters! With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I can't help but think about the iconography surrounding the holiday. Hearts... chocolate... cupid... and my favorite of all - LOVE LETTERS!
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Let's Cook Bullet Journal Doodles

Let's Cook! Bullet Journal Doodle Tutorial

Whether you LOVE to cook, or LOVE to eat... these 11 simple cooking doodles are for you! I love to make illustrated recipes, and these simple-to-create doodles will make cute accents, and allow for visual cues while you cook!
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Bullet Journal with Halloween doodles

Bullet Journal Halloween Doodles Tutorial

A Halloween doodle tutorial to make your Bullet Journal spooky! Spooky... Scary... Cute? Hi there lovelies! It's almost Halloween, and that means that some spooky doodles are creeping into our journals and sketchbooks!Here are 6 simple Halloween cuties.
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Bullet Journal with Autumn Nature Doodles

Bullet Journal Tutorial: Autumn Nature Doodles

Let's make some fun Autumn nature doodles! Here, I've shown you 6 different doodles to try with only 4 steps each.
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Bullet Journal musical doodle tutorial

Bullet Journal Tutorial: Musical Doodles

A Bullet Journal doodle tutorial to bring out your musical side! Let's get musical! This week's tutorial is all about music... with a retro twist! Here, I've shown you 7 different musical doodles to try out using only 3 STEPS EACH! These are super simple, super cute, and sure to elevate your pages in no time.
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Comfy Cozy Bullet Journal Doodles

Bullet Journal Comfy Cozy Doodles

Bullet Journal doodles for chilly days ahead! As the temperature drops, so does my ability to stay out of sweatpants. I love comfort, especially in my journal. This leads me to this week's doodle tutorial - comfy cozy! Here are 6 different cozy icons to add some comfort to your pages.
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Bullet Journal with mood child doodles

Bullet Journal Doodle Tutorial: Stay Wild Moon Child!

Seemingly everywhere I look, I am finding this "moon child" aesthetic filled with astrological icons, comforting colors, with a side of festival vibes! So hold on tight, and stay wild moon child... it's time to learn some new doodles with Faber-Castell USA!
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Bullet Journal summer blooms doodles

Bullet Journal Doodle Tutorial: Summer Blooms

Bullet Journal doodles of all different flowers! Summer blooms are all around us, so why not add them to our journals and sketchbooks as well? I love drawing florals, so it was really fun to explore some new types of seasonal flowers for today's post. In just 4 easy steps, you can learn how to draw 5 different summer blooms.
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Bullet Journal sporty doodles

Bullet Journal Sporty Doodles

Bullet Journal doodles to bring out your sporty side! Let's play ball! Or, if you're not an athlete (I'm not), we can at least pretend by drawing a few! These 6 doodles were created in just 3 easy steps, and make the PERFECT addition to any planner! They can mark the big game, practice, or even serve as a reminder to stay fit and active.
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Bullet Journal Summer Bucket List

Bullet Journal Summer Bucket List

Bullet Journal doodles for your favorite summer activities! Summer may look a little different this year due to our circumstances, but a girl can dream - right? Every Summer, I like to create a "Bucket List" full of activities or treats that I'd like to check off my list.
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Bullet Journal Spring Cleaning Doodles

Bullet Journal Doodles: Spring Cleaning

Bullet Journal doodles for tidying up! Birds chirping... flowers blooming... dust collecting... closets overflowing! Spring cleaning is here! It's time to use some cleaning doodles in our journals and tackle those never-ending to-do lists! As you can see here, I chose 5 different doodles to cover some of the basics.
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Bullet Journal All About Bugs

Bullet Journal Doodles: All About Bugs

Bullet Journal doodles just in time for spring! Spring is here! Well, technically... I'm still hoping for some warm weather! The fresh air, flowers, and the BUGS! While some may be creepy-crawly, others can be very cute! Here are 5 bugs to practice for your upcoming spring pages!
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Bullet Journal Doodles: St. Patrick's Day

Bullet Journal Doodles: St. Patrick's Day

Bullet Journal doodles to channel the luck of the Irish! You know what's more fun than writing "St. Patrick's Day" on your calendar? Drawing a cute little 4 leaf clover with a Faber-Castell USA Pitt Artist Pen® instead, I love decorating my journal for holidays - not only does it get me in the spirit of things, but it helps me remember upcoming events.
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Bullet Journal Work Doodles

Bullet Journal Doodles: Workplace & Office

Bullet Journal doodles for your workday! Today's tutorial is all about WORK. More specifically, iconography that represents the workplace! Faber-Castell USA products make it easy to create these doodles, all of which can be created in just 4 simple steps. 
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Bullet Journal Doodles: Art Supply

Bullet Journal Doodles: Art Supplies

Bullet Journal doodles to express your love of arts and crafts! I am, what I like to call, an "art supply junkie". I can't get enough! These magical tools make me feel so creative and ready for anything. This is a large reason I'm so obsessed with Faber-Castell - the selection is endless, and I feel so inspired every time I see a new product in their already impressive line-up!
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Bullet Journal Doodles: Valentine's Day

Bullet Journal Doodles: Valentine's Day!

Bullet Journal doodles for celebrating Valentine's Day! More Valentine's Day doodles for you to LOVE! The holiday is right around the corner, and if you're looking for more journal decor, this tutorial is for you!. Here, you have 5 different doodles to try.
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