Bullet Journal Sporty Doodles

Bullet Journal sporty doodles

Bullet Journal doodles to bring out your sporty side!

Let's play ball! Or, if you're not an athlete (I'm not), we can at least pretend by drawing a few! Bullet Journal sporty doodles and a Pitt Artist Pen

These 6 doodles were created in just 3 easy steps, and make the PERFECT addition to any planner! They can mark the big game, practice, or even serve as a reminder to stay fit and active.

Bullet Journal sporty doodles

Once you practice drawing these sporty doodles, see if you can create other icons in just 3 steps! If drawing isn't your thing, grab this free fun printable HERE!

Thanks for stopping by - keep creating!!

Artist Biography - Nicole Barlettano - @plansthatblossom


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