National Pollinators Month Bird Drawing Art Lesson for Kids

National Pollinators Month Bird Drawing Art Lesson for Kids

National Pollinators Month in June brings attention to the importance of the relationship between pollinators and plants. Pollinators are insects and animals that transfer pollen from one plant to another. This pollen transfer leads to plants being able to produce fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Pollination, thus, is a crucial method through which humans and wildlife get their food resources. Research studies estimate that about 75% of the food sources in the world are dependent on pollination. However, due to increased pollution and invasive non-native plantations, pollinators like bees and wasps are in danger of extinction.

How does this relate to art you may be asking???

Well, Faber-Castell has a beeswax crayon that is amazing, and this relates to pollination. The beeswax makes for a softer crayon. It is also sustainable in that the hive is preserved when the wax combs are removed. Beeswax is an all-natural, renewable resource which beats the petroleum-based paraffin of other crayons. When you hold them, you can feel a little more heft and strength to the crayons, and they glide smoothly on the paper. You can tell the difference in color saturation as well.

Beeswax crayons

These crayons are triangular, this is important because they won’t roll off your work surface. They color super smooth and have vibrant color and coverage. They are also break-resistant.

Well let’s dive into a fun art project in honor of pollinators and use our beeswax crayons!

Recommended Art Materials:

Brilliant Beeswax Crayons

Pitt Artist Pen - Fine Black

Grip Writing EcoPencil  

Our Project:

You will need a white piece of paper, a pencil and Pitt Artist pen.

Let’s look at art in nature and the art of John Audubon.
Some facts:
  • American artist (1785-1851)
  • Illustrator, painter, naturalist and ornithologist
  • Ornithology is the study of birds
  • Famous for his book titled The Birds of America full of illustrations of a wide variety of birds
  • He identified 25 new bird species

Audubon created and designed watercolor illustrations of birds as he identified them in nature. Here is a look at some of his creations:

Inspired by the incredible work of Audubon, let’s create a bird drawing using our Faber Castell Beeswax Crayons.

1. Start with a pencil and your white paper and use this guided drawing as an inspiration.

Step by step illustration of a bird

2. Once you have your bird drawn out in pencil, and you have added in your background details (clouds, trees, etc.), you are ready to go over your pencil work with a Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen. If you do not have a Pitt Artist pen, you can use any black permanent marker.

drawing of a bird

3. Once you have gone over your pencil work with a black permanent marker, use an eraser to clear any pencil lines on your art you may see.

4. Now we are ready for color, use crayons to color your bird and background. Try blending colors and overlapping colors. Experimenting with crayons can be fun! You are never too old to color with CRAYONS!

Colorful drawing of a bird


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