A Look Inside the Art & Graphic Try It Box: Dry Mediums

A look inside the Art & Graphic Try It Box: Dry Mediums

What better way to discover exciting new creative inspiration than by exploring Faber Castell’s new Art & Graphic Try It Box of Dry Mediums?

This Try It Box includes an introductory assortment of premium art materials including:

1 Pitt Artist Pen

3 Pitt Pastel Pencils

2 Pitt Compressed Charcoal Pencils (Hard, Medium)

3 Polychromos Color Pencils

1 Pitt Graphite Matt Pencil (HB)

2 Castell 9000 Graphite Pencils (3B, 2H)

1 Perfection 7058 Eraser Pencil Kneaded Eraser Vinyl Eraser

1 Paper Blender

1 Metal Sharpener

Pitt Artist Pen with doodles

Pitt Artist Pen

The Pitt Artist Pen has enjoyed a popularity among professional artists and hobbyists alike for decades, and for good reason; it’s lightfast, waterproof, odorless, and acid-free qualities make this India ink pen ideal for all kinds of art including many forms of mixed media involving collage, painting and illustration styles.

Pastel pencils and fox drawing

Pitt Pastel Pencils

Pitt Pastel Pencils offer the artist the best of both worlds by combining the confidence and control of a pencil with the soft, looser mark of pastel. The colors can be blended and layered just as they would in a soft pastel painting. Their pencil form also allows the pastel to be easily sharpened to a point and be used for developing details in artwork.

The Pitt pastel pencil lead contains a high level of pigment, making the pencils ideally suited both for drawing lines and shading, as well as blending and merging into delicate color transitions. Their light, clean application creates significantly less dust than other pastel chalks during use, allowing artists to enjoy pastel techniques without the mess that often accompanies them.

Castell 9000

These professional grade graphite pencils with their 16 degrees of hardness are ideal for anything from beautiful, expressive graphite artwork to technical drawing, quick drafts, and making layouts. Their extensive range of graphite offers the artist the ability to achieve a generous degree of effects and contrasts in shade, making this collection a must have for professional artists and illustrators since its launch in 1905.

Pitt Charcoal Pencil

Pitt Compressed Charcoal Pencils

Pitt Compressed Charcoal pencils can be used in a several ways to achieve many impressive effects. A wide variety of line types and expression can be achieved, and its strokes can be easily blended and smudged into exquisite gradients. Pitt Compressed Charcoal is produced from a fine mixture of soot and charcoal. These pencils are of the highest quality and offer the blackest of blacks, delivering a crispness and depth like no other material.

Polychromos Color Pencils

These oil-based color pencils have a unique core design which offers a thick, pigmented application that is very effective for shading and blending with ease. Their soft oil leads are smudge-proof and water-resistant. Their high-quality materials provide unmatched lightfastness, break resistance and color brilliance.

Pitt Graphite Matt Pencils

The revolutionary Pitt Graphite Matt collection was developed for the artist to be able to successfully produce their finest work both physically and digitally, by creating an innovative new matt lead formula that reduces the unwanted shine and light reflection that regular graphite pencils have always been known to produce. Their superior matt finish makes photographing and scanning art problem free, presenting artwork in its finest most accurate form.

Paper blender

The paper blender is a useful tool to help blend pastel pencils, charcoal, graphite and color pencils.


The kneaded eraser is best used for correcting and lightening charcoal and pastel work. It is extremely kneadable and absorptive, and leaves no residue behind. This eraser is also ideal for cleaning up final artwork.

The vinyl eraser erases without a mess and is ideal for graphite and colored pencil work. After erasing, the dust rolls together in one piece.


This quality metal sharpener has high grade sharpening blades and is suitable for graphite and color pencils.

Color Numbering System

A big advantage to all Faber Castell art materials is their standardized color numbering system across both product lines. This allows the color number and shade from Creative Studio products to match the same colors of products in the Art & Graphic line. This is a very unique feature enabling reliable mixing and matching techniques of artists’ materials.

Explore the endless possibilities with Faber Castell’s new Art & Graphic Try It Box of Dry Mediums. And of course, have fun!


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