Best in Show - Cardboard Craft for Kids

Best in Show cardboard dogs

Let's make a dog show! A craft for play, made from cereal box cardboard.

Craft supplies


Begin by collecting these basic household items and craft supplies, along with a couple of empty cereal boxes to cut the dogs out of. Also, find another box that you can imagine as a stage. If you don’t have a glue gun, no worries! Regular glue will work, just a little slower to dry.

Cardboard with pencil and scissors 

Cutting out the dog

Begin by downloading the simple 2-piece pattern for the dog. Cut out the shapes and use as stencils for tracing onto the inside of cereal box cardboard. Then cut the pieces out. Cut out a tail from a piece of scrap.

Many dog breeds can be made from this basic body pattern, just use your imagination with paint and scraps!

 Cardboard cutout of dog


Simply bend each side of the cardboard body piece down.

 Cardboard dog


Now attach the head using the slit on the dog head piece. Hot glue the tail into place.

Cardboard dalmatian dog  


Create your dog breed with cotton balls, twine, paint, or any other creative material you can think of! This Dalmatian’s spots were made by using a Q-Tip dipped in black paint. His ear is made from a little scrap of black paper. Use a black marker for the eyes, nose and mouth.

 Best in show painted box


Paint your box stage, and make ribbons! What dog will win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd? Make a winner’s cup from a small tin can!

What about a little box to call a kennel for your dogs to take a nap in?

Best in show cardboard dogs


Make up your own crazy show dog names! Fun names like Captain Crunch, Banana Joe, Drama Queen, Rumpus Bumpus, He’s So Fine, French Toast and Boogie Back To Texas are a few from past dog shows.

Have your dogs show off their agility! Make an obstacle course for jumping, crawling and racing. Make the obstacles by using other little toys or objects.

Create a spectator audience with toys you might have, like action figures, stuffed animals or dolls!

Award dogs with ribbons for being the best in categories like best haircut, cutest face, best personality or highest jumper.

Use your imagination and have fun!

Download the entire art lesson here.

 Artist Biography - Janis Doukakis


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