Bible Journaling for Beginners

Bible Journaling for Beginners

Bible study tools for the creatively inspired

Bible journaling has brought journaling and Bible study together into one creative concept for many crafters and artists to practice and enjoy. Bible study involves studying devotionals and verses that encourage personal focus, reflection, and deep thought. Incorporating Bible study and crafting together allows you to interact with scripture and express yourself in a fun creative way and is a great way to study and connect with its word. Faber-Castell’s Bible Journaling Kit was created with everything you need to get inspired and start your own Bible journal.

Our Bible Journaling Kit includes 4 Gelatos®- Aqua Dolce and Guava, along with Highlighter Gelatos® in Dragon Fruit and Starfruit. 2 Pitt Artist Pens® - Black Superfine and Metallic Gold Bullet Nib. The kit also provides helpful inspiring accessories including 16 die-cuts, 16 stickers, two mixed media stencils, four Bible journaling stencils, and two sheets of paper mâché. These creative Bible study tools are supplies you can trust to uphold quality while expressing your faith.

The unique qualities of Pitt Artist Pens and Gelatos make them perfect for Bible pages and mixed media art. Gelatos are creamy smooth and acid-free making them easy to use with stencils and other accessories included. Pitt Artist Pens are made of non-toxic India Ink, making them odorless, lightfast, and will not bleed through the pages of your Bible.

Bible Journaling Kit supplies

Today, Bible journaling is full of colorful pages inspiring creative reflection, but the concept dates back to the 1700s. In 1769, James Granger published “Biographical History of England,” which featured additional blank pages to encourage readers to add their own thoughts and illustrations to his work. From this publication, the term “Grangerizing” was dubbed to describe the practice.

Faber-Castell Gelatos make for the perfect tool for Bible journaling. Apply Gelatos to Bible pages and watch as they easily blend with either your fingers or a smudge tool. Gelatos Highlighters are perfect for highlighting your favorite verses. Gelatos also work great when combined with other mediums. Create a gel highlighter by mixing a Gelatos Highlighter with a gel medium. Both Gelatos and Gelatos Highlighters are smooth and will not wrinkle or bleed through the Bible paper.

Two Pitt Artist Pens are included for doodling and fine detail. They are perfect to draw lines, arrows, notes, or pictures around your favorite verses. Where the black superfine nib is a classic color that can provide intricate details, the vibrant metallic gold adds metallic sparkle to the pages with the pen’s 1.5mm bullet nib.

Bible Journaling page with Gelatos art and hand lettering

Aside from providing the correct media to use for Bible journaling, additional Bible study accessory supplies are included to provide guidance and inspiration. Adding stickers of flowers, hearts, inspirational words, and more is a simple way to add expression and colorful design to a page or verse. Glue accessories onto pages of your choice by using a gel medium such as decoupage. Both Pitt Artist Pens and Gelatos are perfect to use with the stencils included - two for full-page designs and two for page margins. 

Want to practice before you get started? We include multiple practice sheets in the Bible Journaling Kit for you to test out your designs. Getting started on your artistic scripture journey is easy with our Bible Journaling kit.


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