Big Gem Diamond Painting for Kids

Big Gem Diamond Painting

Diamond Painting Made Simple

With our new Big Gem Diamond Painting Craft kits, Creativity for Kids brings sparkling dimension to traditional coloring and painting crafts. These kits take the joys of the diamond painting trend to a fun and easy level for children and beginners with adorable designs and easy to use gems that will make your child’s creativity shimmer.

Big Gem Diamond Painting Sweets Stickers

Big Gem Diamond Painting kits introduce children to the diamond painting hobby in a simple way providing larger gems; the first of their kind. Fans of crafts such as cross-stitching, rhinestone painting, paint by number, color by number, and Perler Beading will find that providing their child with a Big Gem Diamond Painting kit is a great introduction into the methodical approach of arts and crafts. These kits are also great for practicing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skill development.

Big Gem Diamond Painting kits come in four different themes: Magical, Sweets, Woodland, and Sea Friends

Each kit includes everything needed to complete two diamond painting activities: 12 holographic stickers with printed dots for guided gem placement and two sun catchers with an open-ended design for children to use their imagination. Glue is not needed for these crafts! Just peel the clear cover off the adhesive and use the stylus and wax to easily pick and place the colorful gems. The kit also includes a gem tray and resealable gem bags, making the crafts simple and mess-free with easy cleanup.

Peel to reveal adhesive, pick up gem with stylus, and place gem on adhesive

The fun doesn’t end when the craft is complete. Let the stickers and suncatchers add sparkle to your life by displaying them in the sun or adding them to your child’s favorite personal items. From magical mythical creatures to delicious diamond sweets, our new Big Gem Diamond Painting kits have all you need to encourage your child’s sparkling creativity. Join our Creativity for Kids Facebook Group to share your work and stay informed on our latest Big Gem Diamond Painting kit releases!

Big Gem Diamond Painting Stickers on Notebooks
Big Gem Diamond Painting Sun Catchers
Big Gem Diamond Painting Stickers on Backpack

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